NECK OF THE UTERUS, emotional and spiritual meaning


It is the fibromuscular part of the inside of the uterus that projects into the vagina.
Problems in this part of the uterus affect young women more.
Sometimes they tell us about a conflict of helplessness regarding the idea and the feeling of not being able to carry a pregnancy to a successful conclusion.
Other occasions respond to conflicts of sexual frustration with the male that are experienced by the woman as dirty, such as a cheap coup or betrayal.

It also causes problems for the cervix if the woman suffers a conflict of affective and emotional frustration, due to the lack of contact with the partner, either because she is not there or has gone with another.

She feels lonely and wants to be possessed and is overcome by anguished sexual frustration.
At other times, although the woman has a partner, she feels frustrated and devalued; either because she does not require him sexually, does not motivate her, or because she has other sexual preferences that she does not share.
“I’ve stopped getting contact, I’ve lost it”, “I am not in contact with the loved one”,
“Desire to be possessed”, “I don’t belong to any man.”
Devaluation for feeling dependent on her partner: “I am nothing without him”
Notion of loss of territory: The male (partner) has left and left me or left with another woman or has died, etc.

Conflict for not being able to reconcile sexuality (vagina) with motherhood (uterus) since the neck is in the middle.

Likewise, problems may arise if the woman feels that her sexuality is “prostituted”, since she does not have the right to motherhood through her.
It must be taken into account that the unconscious does not differentiate between the real and the imagined, for it everything is real, so sometimes it is not even necessary that these situations be real.
The suspicion of not having been chosen or was replaced by another and the fear that this generates can be intense enough to cause problems in the cervix.
Cervical cancer: Cell growth located in the cervix.
There is a direct relationship between this type of cancer and the human papillomavirus.

The meaning of cervical cancer is to rebuild, change, and remodel… the house, in a context of “children” (whether real or symbolic).

We must replace the children (in case of loss): the hormone that cancer produces also has the function of attracting the male.
Sexual conflict of frustration associated with a conflict of territory with helplessness:
“I have not been chosen to procreate, I am the second”.
Sometimes uterine cancer occurs when a woman has lost her fetus.
Also, when she has finished a sexual relationship and she wanted to have a baby with the male, but he has left her.
Cervical cancer can occur after menopaus
“My children have no offspring”

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