PHOBIAS, emotional and spiritual meaning

A phobia is a sharp and persistent fear that is excessive or irrational, triggered by the presence or anticipation of a specific object or situation. 
When a person is facing one of their phobias, they may go into shock or panic, their blood pressure can increase to such a degree that they become faint. 
The reasons for phobias are sometimes unclear.
In many cases they respond to some traumatic event of the past that is related to phobia.
The sense of phobia is to solve a great fear. 

Protect ourselves from an irrational fear, related to death, that we identify with that to which we fear. 

Fear may have been experienced personally, but there are many phobias that have their origin in the fears experienced by our ancestors or by the mother during the sense project.
Phobias are crystallized and automated fears. 
They are unconscious reactions to situations that once brought near-death conflicts.
Arachnophobia: Unconscious desire to escape, to live in the world with fear of being trapped, locked in a web by a murderous mother, suffocating, paralyzing. 
The meaning of spiders is “network symbolism, plot”.
Fear of being poisoned within the clan.
Airplanes: Fear related to independence or to the dead.
Wasps: Conflict of violence and ambushes.

Photophobia: Conflict with light, with the father (sun).

Flies: Fear of being devoured by worms, fear of death.
Nicotrophobia: Conflict of abandonment (in the sense project).
If I do not have a light I cannot guide myself and I get lost because I’m alone.
Transgenerational ghost conflict.
Conflict of fear to the own shadows that I do not want to illuminate.
Birds: Fear of flying and robbery.
Xenophobia: Distrust, fear or anger towards foreigners.
Conflict of the invader: 
“We invade and kill them, now they will want to do the same with us”.
Or guilty for allowing himself to be invaded.

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