TINNITUS, emotional and spiritual meaning


It is the phenomenon that causes me to hear sounds like hissing, buzzing, crackling, without this having any relation to my surroundings. 
This can be temporary or permanent, and can occur with different sound intensities.

Sound has the function of making up for a lack of sound. It is the acoustic nerve itself, which seeks to repair a separation of a sound or the need to separate ourselves from it, producing a stimulus that can replace it.

It warns me that I am experiencing an atmosphere of separation, perhaps, I am lacking kind words, or explanations or silence or, perhaps, “I am separated from the sound of someone”
Sometimes tinnitus is the solution when silence becomes unbearable and only by generating sounds inside the head does the person feel capable of coping.
“Too much silence”, “The silence is unbearable”, “I create noise in my head so as not to be silent”

Tinnitus is the biological solution for those who seek to cover their ears so as not to listen, so as not to hear something that they consider hurtful, aggressive, unpleasant, injurious, etc.

I build myself a wall of silence, I hide inside a shell. Because the fact of hearing whistles or these buzzes tells me that there is something that I no longer want to hear and that these sounds are going to “drown” it, cover it up, to prevent it from reaching my ears.
“This is not what I wanted to hear”, “I cannot bear to hear unpleasant things” 
It may be words or noises that are beyond my ability to reason. “I do as I please”, I refuse to hear certain words that I find unpleasant.
I resist because I am afraid to know the truth, to be aware of a situation or even to eventually make a decisionLikewise, tinnitus can be the consequence of a double conflict of auditory separation.
That is, on the one hand I feel separated from what I hear, I don´t want to hear someone and, on the other hand, I miss communication with another person from whom I am separated.

Tinnitus also warns me that I have lost my own territory and I have to hear how my rival enters it, which is unbearable for me.

Likewise, it may be the consequence of having received a message, news that I cannot bear.
In the same way, it can indicate to me that the sound I hear is my salvation.
If it is a serious buzzing: it warns me of something that I consider “serious” or fundamental, related to my father.
When the sound is medium: it tells me about a situation linked to my collaterals.
The high-pitched buzzing: it directs me to an environment that has to do with my mother.
What sound am I hearing? 
I agree to open my ears to be able to capture my inner voice? “I eliminate outside noise to hear interior sounds”
The buzzing is evidence of a refusal to listen. It affects stubborn, stubborn people who seek isolation.
“Do not disturb me”
What do I not want to hear?

Above all that can affect and shake the type of life that I lead, because I do not want to change, I prefer to close myself to the advice of others and only act as I please.

Other times, it manifests itself in sensitive people who refuse to listen to the problems of others to avoid the commitment of having to take care of them and help them.
If we do not identify with the above, we have to review the Sense Project and our family tree to find out if the conflict that programmed it comes from some of our clan and we have inherited it.
To free myself from tinnitus, the solution is not to close myself to the criticism of others, but quite the opposite, to be willing to listen to it and attend to it and then, that each one acts in the way that he considers most appropriate.

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