THE KIDNEY STONES, emotional and spiritual meaning


It is a piece of solid material (usually calcium) that forms inside the kidney from substances in the urine. 
The stones can get stuck in one of the ureters, in the bladder or in the urethra, producing the symptoms of pain (renal colic), dysuria (difficulty urinating), or hematuria (presence of blood in the urine).
This symptom warns me of a conflict with territory or liquids. 

The biological meaning of the calculations is to put a wall in front of something, to prevent the exit of liquids (money, references, emotions), or to mark the territory.

“I cannot be in my territory”, For example, because I am with a relative.
Likewise, it tells me that I am living a dispute situation in my territory. 
“Someone occupies my territory and, consequently, it is impossible for me to mark it, to delimit it”,
“This is mine but I am tired of marking it”, “Why do I urinate more if it is useless”
In the same way, it tells me that I am experiencing an emotional conflict linked to liquids, which can be real or symbolic.
It may be that, for a long time, I have felt that I am spending a lot of money that I am making payments, sending money or supporting someone and I perceive, in some way, that I am wasting money. 

As internally I refuse to continue losing more liquid, (liquidity, money) the brain finds a biological solution and what it does is put a plug (stone) to the money drain. 

“I do not want to lose liquidity”, “My money is going like water”, “I am losing liquid, I must stop it”, “I have to give, send money to…, but it bothers me, it irritates me”
The stone-prone person needs to become aware and change the way he spends his money. 
He needs to change the perception with which he performs his cats and free himself from that feeling that he has that he is always throwing money away.
He has to learn to spend his money consciously and not accidentally.
She must be willing to assume her financial responsibilities according to her income and enjoy her expenses, especially if they are pleasure expenses.
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