LIGAMENTS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a tough, fibrous band that binds the joints and supports the organs.

They are generally found between the bones and cartilage in our body, being responsible for joining and stabilizing anatomical structures such as joints.

When there is fear of materializing a project, the connection between desire and matter is broken and the ligament is fractured.

“I am afraid of a situation that is going to come in the future.”

“No matter how much I do, I won’t get it.” “In the future I have to be stronger.”

“They won’t choose me for next season”, “They won’t count on me for next year”,

“I won’t be able to conquer that girl”.

Likewise, the biological meaning of ligaments is to make “links”, “unite”, really or symbolically.

They are the elastic fibers that keep us “tied” to something or someone and, from what we would like to get away from, free ourselves but we lack the courage to make the decision.

Either because we devalue ourselves or, perhaps, because we feel compelled to stay.

There is a feeling of lack of freedom, for fear of letting go or for feeling that we do not have the right to get out of a situation.

“I feel compelled to remain in this situation.” “I would like to become independent from my parents, but I don’t dare”, “I have the desire to change jobs, but I feel afraid”, “I want to separate, but I lack courage”.

Ligament hyper laxity: When the ligament is stretched more than usual, it expresses to me that I have a desire for release and relaxation:

“I want more freedom.”

Knee ligament: Conflict with authority, real or symbolic. “I refuse to obey, to submit, to bow down”

Patella ligament: It is related to a future project. “I want to change jobs, homes, places.”

Ankle ligament: It is linked to a devaluation conflict related to movement and direction.

“I would like to leave here but for now I can’t (home, work, affective relationship, etc.)”

Internal ligament: If I have any ailment it tells me that I am very angry and I suppress it.

“Cruciate” ligaments: These are ligaments that form a cross in the knee joint.

There is an issue in my life that crosses my path, crossroads, looks, opportunities, etc.

When they affect me, it warns me that I am between two options, two possibilities or two contradictory desires and I don’t know which one to choose, perhaps because I don’t trust myself.

It is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the body and the bones and muscles that join.

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