BONE diseases, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The bones are part of a whole and represent our inner structures, our beliefs in life.
It is what we have the hardest and most solid, the deepest and is the support of our body, on which everything rests.
The bones tell us about our strength of conviction and our confidence in ourselves.
Through them we express our density, the weight we have in life.

Bone problems can occur in a person who does not value himself or who feels that he is not strong enough to take care of his own life.

Someone who feels obliged to help others can also have bone diseases, because he needs them to depend on him, in order to feel useful and valid.
Those affected in the bones suffer a serious conflict of devaluation of themselves:
“I am nothing.”,
“Deep down I am worth nothing”, “I am hurt to the core”, “I can’t live without help”, “I need to help everyone”,
“I depend on others to live”, “I can’t do anything alone”

When there are bone tissue fractures, it is the consequence of a great devaluation, long and slow, which has weakened the bone over time.

After fracturing, the continuity of the functionality of that structure is prevented while it is repaired with a weld, which will be more resistant than the previous structure.
This will allow us to do what, in the period of devaluation, was impossible for us.
A fracture is the result of all the disrespect towards ourselves during our daily life.
Likewise, there may be a fracture if there is a deep-seated fear of authority to the point that it makes us devalue ourselves.
The part of the body where the fracture occurs – legs, arms, etc. – provides us with more concrete and precise information about the area of ​​our life where the devaluation conflict is found.

Bone cancer tells us about a deep feeling of worthlessness, powerlessness, and lack of confidence. It expresses the serious lack of respect towards me.

My own identity has been affected:
“I feel like rubbish”, “I am completely null”,
A sudden loss of self-worth can be initiated by an unfair observation, by being degraded, by feeling “weakened to the bone” or by having failed at work, in sports, etc., or when we feel unsupported.
When cancer occurs in the bone marrow, the devaluation experience that we have lived is related to a relative (mainly collaterals, siblings, partner, cousins, etc.) if the devaluation manifests itself in the bone, it refers to me.

Cancer is always the consequence of a dramatic, long-lasting situation that is related to an aspect of vital importance to us.

Bone problems tell us about our fear of not being supported enough or our concern about not being able to support others well.
Normally, it affects everyone who believes that he needs others to survive, who has been overprotected and who feels himself a victim of circumstances. That is, to anyone who has lost contact with his own power.
The person who usually feels obliged to support others is because he needs them to depend on him to feel important and, he devalues ​​himself when he does not feel useful.

It is very common that the bones are affected by those mothers who do not want their children to go away and be independent, that is, to make their lives.

With the disease, unconsciously, they draw their attention, so that they return and return to her side and, thus, she can continue to obtain benefits from them.

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