MENOPAUSE, emotional and spiritual meaning

Menopause refers to a very important stage in a woman’s life, just when she reaches maturity.
It is about that moment (around the age of fifty) when the most significant sign of her femininity and her ability to procreate definitely ceases: menstruation.

It is a process that lasts several years and is the consequence of the gradual decrease in the hormonal levels of estrogens and progesterone.

As is to be expected, these hormonal changes can produce different symptoms in the woman’s body, ranging from an irregular menstruation at the beginning, to the definitive disappearance of it.
Likewise, they may suffer from sleep disturbances (insomnia).
Hot flashes (sensation of heat and anxiety with sweating and palpitations).
Vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, due to the reduction of the body and cervix, decreased desire and sexual intensity.
Decalcification of the bones (osteoporosis) and in some cases, metabolic changes, increase in body fat, can also occur.
In the same way, it also changes her social, work and family life.

The woman moves away from her maternal role, from the education of her children and this can affect her on a psychological level.

Reflections and affirmations that are usually made by women who do not accept this change in their life:
Do I accept the process of life as it is, I complain, I suffer it and I want it to be different?
Do I feel like a little woman, unimportant, not valid and am I afraid of getting old?
Am I afraid of no longer being attractive and therefore no longer desirable to my partner?
My time is running out, I am no longer worthy as a woman.
I’m not attractive anymore; no one turns around to look at me anymore.
Menopause can cause a woman to reject herself.
She may feel sexual frustration and feelings of guilt for not being able to attract the male or for having lost her physical attractiveness.

Hot flashes, in a way, are indicative of such frustration, since “hot flashes” incite the primary impulse to undress, to tear off clothes, to capture attention and generate desire in her partner.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
To prevent all these problems, it is appropriate to fully enjoy the feminine quality before reaching menopause.
The woman who has fully enjoyed her sexuality will not suffer from “hot flashes” at menopause.
The woman who has satisfied her desire to have children, most likely, is that she does not have to suffer a tumor in the womb symbolizing a pregnancy.

Regarding the decalcification of bones, women in ancient times did not fracture their bones, neither more nor less, than in the current era, even though it is recommended to take hormones.

The woman needs to consciously accept the change that menopause implies in her life.
Adopt a positive attitude towards it, considering it as a liberation.
Or as a possibility that gives her life to be able to enjoy sexuality without risk.
Or not to be disturbed again by its rules, in short, to be able to live a second youth.
Menopause can also be considered the bridge, through which a woman must move from a life that has been based on the outside to reorient herself and seek support exclusively in her inner spiritual world.

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