GLAUCOMA, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Glaucoma or ocular tension is an increase in intraocular pressure, due to the presence of an excess of liquid, aqueous humour, in the anterior chamber, as well as an excess of the vitreous body, which causes damage to the optic nerve causing problems in vision and if not corrected in time can cause blindness.
These liquids represent all the tears that would have had to come out throughout my life and that, by having accumulated them, cause pressure on the retina, thus causing the deterioration of sight.
The excess fluid acts like a magnifying glass, creating a natural magnifying glass effect, also called a bull’s eye. 

It appears after having experienced a serious and unexpected conflict visual separation from something or someone, which I have felt as a disgrace, dishonor or that, has stained me. 

It is something that I imagined, but did not want to see and I finally see it. 
“I want to enlarge something to see it better”,
“I can’t believe what I’m seeing”,
“I’m ashamed to have to go through this situation or to be seen after what happened”
There is someone or something in my life that I would like to get closer to as soon as possible.
It is necessary to bring things closer, in time and space, since I am always delayed by a little and with a magnifying glass effect, I will get there.
“I want to bring something closer to me”,
“I don’t want someone close to me to be far away and I want to bring him closer”,
“I want this or that with me, as soon as possible”, “I’m always a little late”
There is a danger behind and the target is very close; I see the goal approaching.
“I want to reach the goal, health, for example, as quickly as possible”

Sometimes I feel like things are slipping through my fingers just as I am about to accomplish or accomplish something.

What have I lost, emotionally, having had it very close in my childhood? “I close myself to not seeing the love in me or in my family”
I have difficulty accepting something that I saw in the past in my emotional life.
I have been hurt by the criticisms of others and I have not been able to forgive them.
I have lost my overall vision and I am seeing the world as if with glasses, since I only perceive the area that I focus on.
“Great anxiety for the immediate future” “I refuse to watch myself grow old”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
What do I not want to see?
I need to relax so that the internal pressure decreases.
I must feel the pressure of unshed tears and consciously relive emotional memories, such as grief, and integrate them.

It is necessary for me to free myself from the past and the means par excellence is forgiveness. 

Forgiveness means not blaming anyone for my projections and taking responsibility for everything.
The human being must integrate everything that he perceives on the outside since we always project our way of being.
It is our responsibility, to become aware of the truth, to recognize ourselves in everything we see.

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