HERNIATED DISC, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the hernia that is produced by a displacement of an intervertebral disc.
An intervertebral disc is a flat, round structure that sits between each pair of vertebrae in the spine and that surrounds a jelly-like substance. 

The intervertebral discs are structures that have some flexibility and allow the movements of the spine.

In a herniated disc, the “pressure” of the vertebrae is transmitted on this gelatinous and part of it is poured, which reduces the cushioning effect and causes quite intense pain in the immediate nerves, forcing.
In many cases, the affected to remain at rest and immobile.
On a psychological level, the person may also feel “pressure” exerted by him, in an attempt to do or be something more than he is.
Or, it may come from something or someone outside of us, trying to instil in us the feeling that we should try to live up to something.

In this case, the herniated disc could express our desire to “break” with that rule or to rebel against that structure.

This symptom manifested in those individuals who give a lot of thought to an issue, because they have difficulties in making decisions.
They yearn to get out of a situation, but they can’t find a way out, because they are “stuck”, “stopped”, “paralyzed”, they feel unable to make up their minds and move on.
They always expect the help of others to make their decisions, but they have the feeling of not receiving any support from life, or from others.
What is my life?
What am I going to do with it?
Address conflict: What do I want to do…?
I feel a great devaluation in my structure as an individual.
Am I a bad sexual partner?
Do I feel prepared, qualified to do this job?
Do I lean on myself? I love me?
What makes me feel like a prisoner? In what situation do I feel “trapped”?
Am I to act as a buffer between two arguing loved ones?
Am I not powerful a sexual point of view?

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  1. Anonymous

    Huge thanks to you for this post!
    I'm very interested in this subject "Know yourself". Read a lot of different authors. Your explanation is the most precise I'd say. Back issues are very familiar to me and yes, you described me here. But I still can't make a decision quickly, looking at the conflict from all possible angles in my head and have difficulties to stop thinking process