Common cold, anxiety, back pain, stress, phobias, heart disease, cancer. Any of these diseases, whether physical or behavioral treated by traditional medicine. 
But what if you could review what the disease or symptom says through the body? 
Biological Decoding Original is a different look at the disease, because behind it there is a warning that we are passing the body. Something does not work 
This look aims eventually accept, understand and accompany us through the disease to find inner balance and well – being. 

Just finding the balance can learn a new way of life that allows us to act healthily in a situation of high stress.

If we look back, we realize that we are today is the result of our past actions. 
We are the result of all the good, bad, unexpected or neutral that has conditioned our way of being and understanding life. 
When situations we live unexpectedly can not be expressed and are blocked on an emotional level, we are facing a bioshock or emotional shock (eg leisurely walk down the street and robbed, witness an assault, the impact of a near death …). 

The body can not process the high stress level that has been generated and enters a state called activation phase. 

During this phase, depending on how you have lived the experience, it will send information to the brain and will be processed by the body that meets the restorative function.
Imagine you are living abroad for a season and your family is about to travel to visit you and know where you live, but at the last minute canceled. 
How do you react? How you feel? Are you looking forward to mourn?
Do you scream?
Do you get angry? 
Or do you stay still unable to react? 

Each person will react differently depending on your program (or mental field), as the way of life of each of us determine the type of reaction to a stressful situation. 

If you keep thinking about this example you can imagine also what might be the short – term consequences on you: feel angry or mourn, or feel alone, or buy a ticket for all, or change plans and a thousand other possibilities vary depending on how you have lived the event.
Depending on how you have lived the event my body look the need has remained unresolved. 
If for example I live with sadness and I feel alone, there is a separation conflict and the cerebellum is responsible for informing the dermis. 
Why the dermis? Because the biological function of the dermis is the protection, therefore, to a highly stressful situation that protect and can appear as eczema reaction. 
When the body feels it has resolved the conflict, it is passed to the repair phase. 

The cerebellum again inform the body responsible for the protection function, in this case, the epidermis, that does not do more cells.

Emotions and sensations felt at that time can be managed by the person to forget the emotional memory of the situation or be blocked with the safety of reliving the memory accompanied by emotions without mediating with the result of a symptom or a disease.
When symptoms appear, do not forget to visit your doctor, but you can supplement it with the therapist ‘s work in Original Biological Decoding discovering conflicts are not managed. 
In therapeutic work the patient is accompanied to the meeting of emotions linked to this bioshock to revive and learn new resources to cope with stressful situations.
In the example above, through therapeutic tools BOD, the patient relives the moment when he felt that separation in his life story and through the accompaniment can download the deepest emotions and acquire new coping resources. 

The conflict, in this case the separation is not sought in recent history, but at an earlier stage (birth, childhood, birth or transgenerational) as the symptom only occurs when the patient revives an earlier situation he lived with an intensity and emotional level similar connotation.

The therapist Biological Decoding Original previously walked the path of the patient. 
You know give you the tools to perform an internal and conscious work. 
This new philosophy of life you chip away automatically and brings you closer to what you crave, live in consistency.
Biological Decoding Original is a proposal for a new look at life. 
We have to realize what we have experienced symptoms to heal managing conflicts and our emotional burdens. 
Wolder Angeles Helling
Director of the School of Biological Decoding Original

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