TICS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is an abnormal, abrupt, involuntary and intermittent movement, generated by the contraction of one or more muscles, which reproduce a gesture imperfectly.
If I perform a nervous tic, it means that I am living or have lived a situation that makes me feel anguish and bitterness. 
To know its meaning, we must take into account the part of the body where it is manifested. 

This will not appear suddenly, it is the consequence of many accumulated stress situations.

When the tic appears, it is because I have reached my limit.
If the tic occurs in my eyes, it is related to something that distresses me and that I do not want to see (accept, acknowledge, confront, etc.).
It may be related to some situation of disappointment in the movement that I have experienced.
For example, I have wanted to carry out a movement, an action, but I hold back, in most cases, out of fear.
I could have felt upset because of certain movements that prevented me from doing when I was a child.
Example, if I was forbidden to move at school, home, church, etc., now my body moves, much to my regret rebelling against what they forbade me to do.
Or, on the contrary, it may be that some authority forced me to do something when I was very young and thus I rebel.
“I am doing what they did not allow me to do”

Likewise, I can also express them with the desire to capture the attention of others.

“Nobody cares about me, I feel displaced”
“It is the only way I have to exist and for them to give me importance and be there for me.”
Tics in the jaw: they indicate that I have difficulties expressing myself, speaking or, perhaps, it is the consequence of my contained anger at not being able to “bite”, attack.
Tics in the face: it shows me a movement to try to avoid an attack, an attack on my face or image.
Dystonia: it can be caused by a strong emotion that I have experienced on a sexual level, often related to a “forbidden love” (really or symbolically).
The nervous tic affects people with an excessive tendency to self-control emotional, who repress their aggressive and who have received a very severe, strict and perfectionist education.

Normally, they have the feeling of being constantly observed and judged by others.

They would like to be able to show their emotions, their fears and their concerns, but they do not dare, they are afraid of what they may think about her. 
Hence it appears, especially on the face, since it symbolizes identity, the image that we see, that we have or that we think we have.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I must recognize and express my fears, anguish and sadness to the outside; although for this I must expose myself to be judged by others.
“I am happy and I feel calm”, “I have the freedom to always express myself”
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