LUNGS diseases, emotional and spiritual meaning

The lungs are the main organs of respiration. It is in them where the gas exchange between air and blood takes place.
This is where we receive individual life, where we inhale life.
The lungs, then, have a direct relationship with life, with the desire to live and with the ability to live well.
Also with death since it is always lived in respiratory terms:
“I exhale the last breath.”
They symbolize the vital breath, the contact, the freedom, the exchange, the communication, the sadness, and the sorrows of the past.
In fact, most people with lung disease feel a deep sadness in their soul that they cannot express which takes their breath away and their words away.

Pulmonary problems express our difficulty in inspiring and welcoming life in us, due to fear, impediments or lack of ability to react and defend ourselves from the aggressions, real or imagined, from our environment.

They can manifest themselves in moments of sadness, despair or discouragement.
Or when we feel that something or someone suffocates us and prevents us from aspiring to life as we wish.
They warn us of the threat of loss of territory and/or fear of dying (that I die or that a loved one dies).
This threat makes me very sad and my sadness reaches such a degree that I feel like I am dying, I feel that I am suffocating, that I am asphyxiate.
My territory is everything that I consider mine (house, car, partner, time, my job, money, pet, etc.)
I experience conflicts of loss or threat of territory with the feeling of a victim and I feel a great oppression.
“I’m going to die”,
“He or she will die”,
“Without this or that person I die”,
“If they take this away from me I die”
We have to look a year ago for stories in which we felt that we lost something or someone or there was a great risk of losing it.
If there is none of the aforementioned in my current life, I will search my family tree for stories of suffocation, respiratory diseases, drowning, gas poisonings, etc.
Emphysema: Decrease or total loss of elasticity of the pulmonary alveoli.

He talks to me about a devaluation linked to lung capacity:

“I can’t, I am short of air, I am short of breath”, I am not able to be myself or to occupy the place that corresponds to me and I live in function of others.
Why am I having difficulty taking responsibility for my life? Has life lost all its meaning to me?
“Fear of not being able to breathe due to illness.” “Fear of being fired, of losing a job.”
Pulmonary embolism: Blockage of a pulmonary artery.
The meaning is to stop bringing blood (family) to the lungs so that it is cleaned and filled with life.

It warns me of a situation of helplessness and loss of “interior” territory.

Likewise, it tells me that I am afraid and I resist life, I have an important blockage at the level of consciousness that I have life.
Pleura: It is responsible for the protection of the lungs.
It tells me that I am afraid of an attack against the thoracic cavity, against the lungs.
For example: “Very deep fear of what is happening inside me”,
“Fear that a blow or some disease will affect my lungs.
It also shows me that I feel burdened by all my responsibilities and I don’t know how to get rid of them.
Pleural effusion: I need my own references, my values.

Inflammation of the pleura: It means that I feel anger and irritation due to lack of protection.

Pneumothorax: It tells me that I need space and freedom because I feel burdened by my relationships. “Someone is attacking me.” “I protect myself from the other.” “I don’t feel protected by my family.”
Alveoli: When they are affected they warn me of the fear of death, of dying myself or of someone close to me doing it. “I am afraid to die from suffocation”
Sarcoidosis: It is related to situations of disgust and fear of death.
We are low on defense, that is, we do not feel strong, self-confident, lacking in confidence.

The origin can be found in the vision of something horrible that affects the body and that caused us a lot of fear.

“I saw a movie or I saw photos of deaths, accidents, serious illnesses and I was very scared. I don’t want to die like this”
If I had not experienced any of this, I have to look in my family tree to find out if an ancestor with whom I have an affinity has transmitted any clan salvation program to me.
Cancer: Since the lungs are linked to my ability to live, the appearance of cancer, warns me that I am afraid of dying.
Some event has occurred that eats away at me inside.
It may be after a painful separation, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job.
That is, something that was of vital importance, that represented my reason for living and now, i have lost it or am very afraid of losing it and consequently my life has become a complete failure.
I have given myself body and soul and I have lost it, I feel that it is not worth it to continue living, the only possibility that I have left is death.
Is it worth living to get to this?
Cancer of the alveoli and bronchial mucous glands:

It expresses visceral fear of death or memories of death by asphyxia.

Bronchi: They tell us about the fights, strong arguments, abusive words that penetrate and invade our interior space.
They also refer to the fear of losing a territory (real or symbolic) or fear of losing me as a territory.
Fear for oneself: there are many spots in the lungs (in the radiographic image it can be seen as a release of balloons).
Fear of another person dying: a single spot appears.
Example: a relative has had an accident and is in a coma and I constantly think that he is going to die.
Fear of dying with suffering: there are several spots in the upper part of the lungs that decrease as they descend.
Left lung micro nodules: it means, “I need a territory for my children.”
If nothing of the above has happened to us, we have to look in our ancestors for stories related to suffocation, drowning, gas poisoning, or deaths related to lung and/or respiratory conditions.

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