OVERWEIGHT, emotional and spiritual meaning

The fact of losing weight or fat has nothing to do with food.
What you would have to ask yourself is why my body is not metabolizing food, that is, it is not transforming fat into energy.

Overweight is related to actual abandonment syndrome or feeling of having been abandoned in our more or less distant past by us or by a particular person, especially a parent.

“I feel alone in this hostile world, lost in the middle of nowhere and in permanent danger”
The feeling of being alone produces a deep collapse of the existence, at the biological level of renal function is requested to retain maximum water inside the body and results in fluid retention.
“Frontal Fear”: The frontal fear is what puts the person in a state of constant attention and vigilance to identify the danger as soon as possible and react in time.
“Feeling lost, not knowing where to go, for fear of being in a wrong direction” 
 I’m always in danger

Time management is vital, so the thyroid gland metabolism, producing more tyrosine, to flee in case of aggression.

“I feel powerless, I can’t do anything but endure this situation of abandonment with a feeling of powerlessness.”
Disappointed by people, no longer story or myself. 
The powerless to do anything but support this abandonment leads to the feeling of worthlessness that has to do with all the osteo-articular system and the blood, different tissues and fat.
“Feeling collapse of the existence and confrontation with nothing”
Conflict of aesthetics devaluation: 
“My silhouette is horrible”
“I’m not pretty, attractive”
“Fear of poverty, that we lack something, material insecurity”
Lack of food highlights the need for food supplies to hold out as long as possible, which leads me to store fat.

Other causes of overweight are boredom or lead a life full of dissatisfaction.

In many cases this syndrome abandonment occurs during childhood, because of that many overweight people have made about this conflict. 
They have maintained long-established beliefs that have shaped his/her personality and have marked their way of seeing the world and how they relate to others.
According to the location:
In the belly: Protection of a child (in female) or “I feel that my life is controlled by my wife (male)”.
The bellies that fall covering the sex have a conflict of: 
“I protect my sex so that nothing happens there, I do not want sex”
“I feel inferior sexually”
“I feel my genitals will not be accepted”
We must look for abortions or child deaths.
Thigh fat: Protection of sexual type. (Find abortions).

On the shoulders and upper back: Conflict of “I must be stronger to carry these charges”.

Abandonment by the father.
Oedemas: “Am I still valid?” in the sense of the affected party.
Fat: “I can only be with myself”.
Balloon Conflict: Repetitive themes related to spirituality. My inner and superior self.
Fattening without eating: Conflict of referents (liquids). See kidney.
On the kidneys: Also a conflict of liquids.
Water makes us float: Fear of sinking.
Under the arm: I feel unworthy, repellent with this obesity.
In case of loss of a loved one: The amount of kilos of overweight can indicate the age or the relation of the blockade. 
For example, in an abortion or a death, we increase the amount of kilos to continue feeling the pregnancyinside us.
“I miss someone, their shape, their weight in my life”.
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