BACK, emotional and spiritual meaning


The back and spine relate to our roots, with the deepest foundations where our beliefs and our more intimate scale of values grow.
The back is what allows us to keep up, to shoulder our burden, to address the circumstances of life, to our human condition, to adversity.
“I have a heavy load on my shoulders,” we say when the responsibilities we have to assume weigh too much.
When we strive to shoulder the responsibilities of others, when we are creators of happiness or misfortunes of those who are on our side…
it is a burden so great that we crave someone to help us and support us.
But, when not counting on that help, we get angry and we end up with a sore back.
All back problems relate to the support.
Do I feel supported by the life? “No one understands me”,
“No one supports me and helps me”,
“I have many responsibilities, I feel a heavy charge”

The back also symbolizes that part of us, we do not see or do not want to see, the shadow.

By the same, the back can hurt us when we leave unresolved situations… “Behind us”
Lower lumbar region: The lumbar area of the spine is actually the base, which “supports” which allows us to stay upright, standing, “deal”.
The problems in the lumbar area mean a devaluation of a conflict of personality (according to work, family or life in general).
We talk about the inability to cope with life and its situations, the inability to take the material dimension of existence (work, money, family, responsibilities, etc.).
They also reflect the feelings of insecurity, helplessness, fear, especially fear of failure and poverty.
“Since I am the pillar of the family, without me, everything falls apart”
This part is associated with having: (have money, a house, a spouse, children, work, etc.).

When there is pain in the lower back, it indicates that the person needs to “have” to feel supported, but does not dare to acknowledge and to express it.

These people need to allow themselves the right to want to have material goods or someone to feel safe.
To achieve this it is necessary that you begin to fulfil your demands and begin to trust in the abundance of the Universe.
In the same way, the lower back can hurt when we have the feeling of having been betrayed or trapped from behind.
Expressions like “I felt stabbed in the back”, “talk behind my back”,
“I have turned their backs”, “act behind me”, etc. suggest hostility, suspiciousness, aggression or treason.
Upper region: It represents the relationship with the family, the emotional aspect, support emotionally:
“I am the pillar of my family”.
Do we feel loved?
Are we willing to love?
When there is pain in the upper back, it is because the person suffers from emotional insecurity, either because they feel that others are blocking them, or because they do not feel the “support” of their family environment.
Pain in the thoracic vertebra can also evoke a sense of guilt or responsibility for the suffering of a loved one.
Cervical: Bend the neck, be forced to lower the head in shame, capitulate.

They reflect conflicts of moral devaluation, injustice or submission, humiliation…

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