PALATE, emotional and spiritual meaning


The palate is the upper wall of the oral cavity.

It is divided into two parts:

The hard palate or palate in the front and the soft palate in the back.

In the center and in the posterior part of the soft palate, uvula hangs.

If we have the palatal mucosa affected, it indicates that we are suffering a conflict of separation from someone or something symbolically to our unconscious, it represents a bite, some food.

Or it may be that although we are in contact with the bite (work, home, man, woman, etc.) we do not fully possess it.
In babies, palate may be affected when they suffer a breast separation from his/her mother.
For example, after a premature weaning.
Palate bone is affected when we experience a conflict of impairment that prevents us access to the bite.
“I’m not able to catch the piece”
“I had the bit in my mouth and suddenly it escapes from me”

If your palate is cleft it is because we believe that we are not able to take the bite because it is a bit too big.

If the velum one of the consequences can be snoring is affected.
“My word is imprisoned”.
If we issue snoring when breathing in, unconsciously,
it is as if we wished someone was closer to us: “Come, I need you”.
If snoring occurs when breathing out, which unconsciously want is to alienate someone from our environment: “Go away, I do not need you”.

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