PREMATURE EJACULATION, emotional and spiritual meaning

Premature ejaculation represents the unconscious fear that the man has to enjoy copulation, to be surprised or discovered by the predator.
He fears that “someone” will come along and surprise, scold, annoy, or interrupt him.

This conflict responds, in most cases to a tremendous fear of being “caught by the father” in the sexual act (unconscious). 

Most children suffer from hard, domineering parents.
The father may unconsciously fear that his son might unseat him, take away his place of power in the family.
So the father stalks the son and  the son just never feels peace and tranquillity to fully enjoy a sexual act.

“My father castrates me and I have no right to be a man, to express myself sexually”

“When I make love I’m in danger. It is better to get in and out fast, because there are predators (may be the father or perhaps the mother)”
“Every time I have sex I am in danger”
“Hurry, they are coming to surprise you”
“Sex should be fast or they catch me”
Wish to do it all very quickly. Wanting to end before starting.
The origin of this symptom may also be related to early sexual experiences.

When I masturbate, I feel guilty because I feel like something “bad” or “sinful”, “forbidden”. 

I hurry therefore to achieve ejaculation.
I can also impose pressures on my desire to achieve optimum results. I want to prove to myself and my partner “what I’m capable of doing”
This same pressure can cause “we fail” in our challenge.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Be aware that your father, the predator, will not come.
Strengthen your self-esteem and knowing you are able to enjoy sex.
Accept that your father or predator is not there.
Forgive your father for his character or his fears.
Mature emotionally and resume responsibility for your life.
Relax and relearn sexual pleasure linked to masturbation or with a partner, in a climate which is free from coercion and guilt.

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