OBESITY, emotional and spiritual meaning

Obesity is known as an excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in the body.
Obesity and excess weight are manifestations of our material and emotional insecurity.

Food represents the first link life and with love, that is, with the mother.

For the baby, feeding is not only the satisfaction of a basic need, but also the occasion to enjoy care and love.
This feeling, this relationship, is preserved forever.
It can be caused by a situation of abandonment and/or separation.
When we are or feel abandoned (absent father or mother, child abandoned by parents, or a father or mother who does not fulfill their function), we are defenseless, fragile ((if they abandon me or I separate I am in danger).
I live a great feeling of abandonment, an inner emptiness.
Usually related to the guilt I feel for the departure or loss of a loved one.
The person who feels alone, biologically, and instinctively, will tend to generate food reserves and store fat because she does not know when she will eat again.
The cause of obesity can also be found after a conflict of feeling under threat.

The biological sense of becoming great is a solution for survival. 

Swell to frighten the enemy (as some animals do by bristling their hair, spreading their wings, when they feel threatened).
If we feel devalued by a silhouette conflict, for the unconscious, it will be the signal that we need to get bigger to impress more. 
The silhouette conflict protects the area where attacks are received.
If we feel the attacked for being fat, the solution itself leads to not lose weight.
It can also be used to make up for an inner absence with an important loss program, such as recovering the child who leaves home by gaining weight, as if she were pregnant again.

In the same way, obesity can be the consequence of an identity conflict.

(Related to the anus: children who gain weight to get the attention of a mother who does not take care of them from birth.
Common people who feel that they do not have a defined place in the clan (family).
Such as being an unwanted child or being born a girl when they were expecting a boy or vice versa, etc.
The underlying problem that the obese person has is almost always a lack of acceptance and love, which shows making his body ugly for him and for others.
It is a way of devaluing his image so that he can tell himself that he is ugly, that he is not attractive and that no one can love him.
It is a way of denigrating or self-punishing.
This self-hatred is as a consequence of the humiliation suffered by their parents and especially by their mother, between two and three years of age, in her autonomy phase.

It is almost always a dominant, possessive mother, who exercised strict control over her eating, her physiological functions, thoughts, feelings, and her creativity.

The boy’s way of reacting to avoid being humiliated was to suppress his feelings and her creativity and start living a hidden, reserved life.
He created a huge wall around himself, a great physical fortress, in which he feels like in a prison.
He is inside, complaining, suffering, and resenting the world and others.
“Being fat and strong is more reassuring than being rebellious and being recognized, located and seen by family members.”
Obesity is the consequence of this repressive state and of his inability to get out of it, to feel free.
“I am in danger of life or death”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

I need to learn to get out of humiliation through myself and my creativity.

It is essential to dare to say “no”, when the time comes. What do I really want?
I should try to lead a satisfying sex life, without being influenced by beliefs contrary to nature.
It is necessary to let life flow and take responsibility to get out of prison, be free and love myself unconditionally.

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