THYMUS, spiritual meaning

It is an endocrine glandular organ of great activity in childhood and growth. It is located in the lower part of the neck above the anterior mediastinum. 
Its name in Greek, “thýmos”, means vital energy.

The thymus is in charge of controlling and regulating the energy current of the body, and maintaining the harmonic balance of vital energy. 

That is where our “divine spark” resides.
The thymus captures the sound of the heart and resonates with it.
Although it is said that it contracts with age, what really happens is that it stops vibrating because of the emotions emitted by the heart. 
This gland is activated through love and happiness and shrinks when we are stressed and even more when we get sick.
It is the main gland of the immune system and its function is that of the development and maturation of T lymphocytes.

If I have problems, it warns me of situations related to attack or defense within the family environment.

Likewise, it can affect if I remain under the protection of my mother and refuse to mature, grow and take charge of my life.

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