AUTISM, emotional and spiritual meaning

Autism implies a behavior that excludes and separates the subject from reality in an attempt to withdraw him and on his own inner world.
Sense Project: which runs from the moment of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and up to seven or eight years of life. Everything that happened during this period remains recorded in the biological unconscious and can later manifest itself as a symptom or illness.
Problems of aggression experienced within the mother’s womb.
“It is dangerous to go outside”,
“The world is dangerous” 

Another cause may be the lack of recognition of the baby, by its mother, inside the womb due to difficulties experienced in previous pregnancies and now she is afraid, does not trust or does not give credibility to her new pregnancy, so the baby he finds himself absent, because for his mother it is as if he does not exist, she does not reaffirm him in the womb or she does not feel him present.

“For my mom, I’m absent”
In the same way, the autistic child (absent) is shown as such to constantly demand the attention of her parents and, especially, that of her mother to avoid separation or abandonment.
Conflict of frontal fear lived by the mother, with resentment, for having been assaulted, tortured in the territory.
Conflict of fear of the baby when facing a vaccination process or something similar, that has reminded him of something that he keeps in his unconscious related to frontal fear and torture and that comes from the experiences of an ancestor of which the child is double.
In many other cases of autism, the child is unconsciously repairing very painful dramas experienced by his ancestors, such as: incest, suicides, family secrets that have caused feelings of guilt and shame in the family clan.

All these dramas that are usually kept as a “family secret” are inherited as “memories of dirt” or “something forbidden” over generations, so there comes a point where the tree says “enough”, you have to clean so much crap, and an autistic child comes into the world to heal the whole tree.

The child “chooses” autism (unconsciously) to escape the reality of his family and the world around him.
It is a behavior of separation from reality that consists of a withdrawal of the autistic person in him, totally turned towards his inner world.
Among many other symptoms, it can be observed: silence, emotional withdrawal, refusal of food, absence of SELF in sentences, and difficulty in looking someone in the eye.
“I must be quiet and expressionless, so that I do not have to be held accountable”,
“I refuse to face such a dirty world”,  “I am so sensitive that if I show myself like others they will hurt me”,
“What I see around me hurts”

The autistic person remains mentally blocked: he permanently checks if what he says is accurate or not, if he is intelligent and correct enough, he checks, he checks again, over and over again, until the brain decides that it is better not to communicate and stay reserved.

“To make mistakes, it is better not to speak”,
“I have no right to make a mistake (it would be death)”,
“The criteria that I must meet are so high that it is easier to withdraw into silence rather than having to be accountable to others (parents, teachers, authority, etc.).”
Sometimes these are parents who have had a project of perfection, with the child or with themselves.

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