HYPOTHYROIDISM, emotional and spiritual meaning


There is a decrease in the production of thyroid hormones and corresponds to the resentment: “I want time to stop.”
Conflict: Patience / slowness. “I wish time to pass slowly”, “I need more time to enjoy it”
“I have to go slow so as not to screw things up”, “I need more time to do more things”, “I lack time”, “I don’t have time”, “Time is running out”, “I they stole time”

In general, they are situations where everything goes too fast and the solution is to stop time,.

For example: when there is a diagnosis of a terminal illness in a relative, one may feel that they want time to pass slower to be with this person.
In the same way, it can translate a feeling of helplessness into acting in an urgent situation.
Conflict of not being able to act quickly enough, of being tied hands, of not being able to do anything, when it is urgent. “Fear of having to fight and feel powerless” It is insurmountable!
“Fear of facing problems”, “Not being able to get something, for not being fast enough”, “I have to go fast, but I won’t make it anyway”
“You have to do something quickly, I can’t do it, and there’s so much to do…”

Conflict of always waiting for the last minute to do something and then seeing that we are not capable or that “we will never be”.

Sense Project: (period from conception to 3 years): “They didn’t expect me so fast” Or “for them to love me I must remain a child, I will grow slower”
There may be a feeling of resignation, feeling overwhelmed, and not being able to run away.
In some cases, the origin may be in the family tree, he has been able to inherit from an ancestor the feeling of having been under enemy fire and not having been able to do anything, just feeling powerless and staying still.
The person who suffers from a lack of activity of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), his body tells him that he wants to take action and that he does not make enough demands to get what he wants. 
Deep within herself, she is sure that she is not fast enough to achieve what she wants.

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