SWOLLEN EYELIDS, emotional and spiritual meaning


Folds of skin that surround the eye, made up of skin, muscle, and cartilage.
They have a protective function and contain glands responsible for lubricating the eye.

If I have a problem with my eyelids, it indicates that I have difficulties protecting myself from aggressions with respect to what I have seen or see.

If I present pain, inflammation, swelling, etc., in my eyelids, it is because I am living a situation that I refuse to see, related to my identity, that of my children or other people close to me.
“I can’t know, I would find out. I can’t ask him, I can’t tell him that”
It refers to circumstances in which I do not want to be seen, discovered, detected, etc.
Or, it may be an identification conflict, with not being able to recognize something or someone.
Or perhaps, for not being able to recognize what I am, what I did, for not having seen something, etc.
“I could not realize that he was cheating on me”,
“I was unable to discover that my son was taking drugs”,
“I could not recognize his face after the accident”

I blink faster than normal: This is because I am experiencing a specific stress situation and I need to be very attentive to what I see or hope to see.

Eyelid Ptosis: The drooping of the eyelids is the manifestation of great sadness, but I try to suppress it, I want to keep my pain inside.
It can indicate that we are experiencing a situation of helplessness in the face of something that we see that we do not like, but we cannot do anything.
In the same way, when the eyelids are lowered, it is to protect our gaze from things that seem horrible, ugly or aggressive to us.
“I refuse to see my son dead”, “I will not be able to see my country again”

That the eyelids close may be so that we do not see someone who is not what we expected, he has disappointed us and we feel sorry.

But if my eyelids are half closed, it means that there is something or someone in my life that I want to run away from or that I do not dare to look straight ahead.
Ectropion: The eyelid (most often the lower one) is folded or twisted away from the surface of the eye.
This causes dryness and irritation of the conjunctiva of the eyelid.
We open our eyes wide to maintain a broader vision of the environment.
It can also warn me that I am afraid of feeling lonely or abandoned as a result of something I see.
Likewise, it can indicate to me a terrible and ambiguous relationship conflict with my father or with whom he performs the paternal function.

Entropion: It is the inversion of an edge of an eyelid, which causes the eyelashes to rub against the eye. In most cases it manifests itself on the lower eyelid.

It is a way of closing our eyes so as not to see something unpleasant or that attack us.
I am living a situation of separation because I have felt ignored.
The people I really care about (family) have not pampered or paid enough attention, I have not received physical signs of their affection.
Swollen eyelids and bags: In general, it transmits an emotional conflict of vision related to authority, wanting or not wanting to see.
Repair phase of a conflict of visual separation resolved, for example, I finally see someone again that I had not seen for a long time,
“It’s my son!”,
“It’s my country”
People separated from themselves who try to copy others by denigrating themselves.
Thinking of people we will never see again.
Eczema: Separation conflict, “people we will never see again”

I need to be aware of how much it irritates me not having been able to see something or having seen it.

I must stop blaming myself for what I couldn’t see.

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