FORCEPS BIRTH, emotional and spiritual meaning

The forceps are a surgical instrument that is used to facilitate the exit of the baby’s head from the birth canal when certain complications arise.
The baby that is born by means of forceps or suction cup, experiences a painful intervention of a third party, in a situation of danger for its survival.
“It is thanks to the forceps that I am alive”

Sometimes there may be memories of fear of death or that deaths have occurred during childbirth in the clan.

This way of being born, later, can cause behavioral conflicts at key moments in life, such as when you have to create or do something new. 
The person will have difficulties to reach the end of their decisions or projects on their own; she usually always demands help that is why she likes to do things in a group.
She may feel that she is not good enough to perform a task, that whatever she does, it will not be enough; she will not be able to complete it without someone’s help.
“I am not free to take the time I need”

Symbolically, the forceps represent a “head takes”, all attention is placed on the head and it will continue like this, unless it becomes aware and transforms it, throughout life. 

She becomes a very intellectual individual; she passes everything under the filter of reason and has the need to understand everything. “My head is very solid”
If you live and feel the experience as aggression, you may develop a fear of physical contact with other people.

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