VAGINAL YEAST INFECTION, emotional and spiritual meaning:


The fungi feed on dead organic substance and its function is to clean.

In candidiasis, their function is to clean the dead cells from the area.

What is what is dead in me and I want to clean?

The stories of this disease have to do with frustration and are associated with the notion of sexual frustration:

Also, he talks to me about the need to contact the man I love.

Or, perhaps, he tells me that I have a lack of sexual contact:

For example, because a relationship has ended or because the partner has died or, perhaps, because the partner is absent for a certain time.

It can also show me that my sexual relations are not as I wish.

It is important to emphasize that this concept of sexual frustration is not specifically on the physical plane of sex.

You can have habitually relationships and be frustrated because the close contact that the woman wants to feel is actually the “heart” of her partner.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

I give myself permission to live and enjoy my sexuality. I must express my deepest feelings and thoughts with my sexual partner. 

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