OTITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

Otitis is inflammation of the ear, generally due to an infectious cause.
The emotional cause that causes otitis is basically one: I do not want to hear something or someone.
“I don’t want to hear that.”
 Listening can refer to a real event or something symbolic: accept, tolerate, etc.
When we feel like we don’t want to hear, it can be anything: my partner’s words that are hurtful to me, my son’s music blasting it out, the permanent sound of a machine that I can’t stand it anymore, etc.

External otitis: This inflammation warns me that I need to find a solution to be able to identify what I hear badly or that I do not identify clearly.

“I can’t understand why they tell me what they tell me, or the way they say things to me”, “I don’t understand why I can’t identify what they are saying to me”
Also, it can indicate to me that I feel separated or attacked by a sound.
“I heard someone say something negative about me”, “I knew that what they told me was a lie”,
“I cannot identify the words or understand what they say to me”, “I have heard something that has made me feel servile, humiliated, bowed down”
I feel devalued and sad because I cannot understand, I feel incapable of communicating, asking or complaining and also,
I am afraid that they will make fun of me that they will laugh that I am the only one who does not hear well, or who accepts the lies and does not claim. I think that because of my behavior I am missing important things in life.

Perichondritis: It warns me that I am feeling worthless. I give up when I’m not listening well, instead of standing up for myself and asking for the music to be turned down.

Or also when I don´t confront the one who lies to me or reproaches me, etc.
Otitis media: It usually affects children more often.
It appears especially when they do not want to hear more shouting, bad words, arguments, slaps, etc.,
That is, they are tired of hearing how their parents or the people who are taking care of them fight.
Or because they cannot stand the tendency to yell at one of them or when they are tired of hearing criticism, recriminations and reprimands from adults.
“Nobody at home says words of affection to me”, “My father never says sweet words to me”, “My mom yells at me a lot, she gives me orders yelling”,  “My parents lie to me a lot; they promise me things that later I do not fulfill”

In young children, it manifests itself when they want to take a toy, but are not allowed to do so; they do nothing but hear No! No!

Serous otitis media: It can affect people of any age, although it occurs most often in children under 2 years of age. Children may be surprised because they will try to turn up the volume on the television due to hearing loss.
The ear is covered to reduce hearing; it is the biological solution that my unconscious gives me when I do not want to hear.
“I don’t want to hear, I want to go back to my mother’s womb, to the amniotic fluid, to recover those watery noises”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

As can be seen, the inflammation of the ear is the consequence of not hearing the truth, the pleasant, the good, the honest, etc.

Or it may be the consequence of living in a place where noise is toxic, unacceptable, or unbearable.
Therefore, to regain the ability to listen, we need to have enough courage to clear up our hearing problems.
When otitis affects children, we have to analyze the environment in which they live, in which they develop, to discover where the oxic noise they perceive comes from (home, school, grandmother, etc.).

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