HEMORRHOIDS, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are the effect of the dilation of the veins of the rectum and anus. They are often associated with constipation.
The meaning of this symptom is to improve irrigation where my sensitive part rests when sitting down (my identity, my place).
From the biological point of view, whenever blood is the protagonist or is related to a symptom, we know that it is related to a family conflict

A varicose vein appears in the repair phase of a vein conflict (devaluation in the family and dirt that must be cleaned) and in the anus (active phase of an identity conflict).

They indicate to me a pressure created by emotional states and fears that I do not want to show or want to talk about.
Hemorrhoids tell me about the great “effort” I have to make in a situation, just as I have to force myself to evacuate the stool.
I feel obliged to do something that I cannot get rid of, such as accepting a situation that I dislike, striving to do a job that I do not like, etc.
I demand too much of myself and I force myself to finish what I do, due to material insecurity and difficulty in making my decisions.
When we are subjected to great pressure, to an excess of commitments that we do not know how to “refuse” and we feel so overloaded that we can no longer bear it; we are exposed to “explode” at any time.
On a biological level, we know, for example, that many animals the first thing they do when they meet is smell their anus. This is not by chance, since with this act the animals know the identity of the other, their sex, hormonal status, etc.

The anus-rectal area symbolizes the place where one is accommodated, where one feels comfortable.

When a hemorrhoid appears, it means that I am experiencing a lack of recognition that I keep inside without expressing it. 
When we have doubts about our real identity and about the recognition of that identity by others, we can experience it as a disgrace, a shame, a great humiliation that causes us a lot of anger, but we repress it just as we hide the feeling of not being recognized.
Therefore, the anus reflects the identity conflicts that I have within my territory (home, work, team, etc.):
Who I am? “I don’t know what identity I have”, “I need to be me in this territory”, “I am not recognized in my family”, “The others put me aside”, “Nobody cares about me”

In the same way, they can be the consequence of a conflict lived with rancour in the interior of the territory by a filth that they did to me and that I cannot forget or forgive.

It may be a betrayal that I have experienced in love, social, family, work, etc.
Perhaps I have felt cheated, abandoned, because they promised me something and did not keep it or perhaps, they replaced me with someone else, etc.
And, furthermore, with the extenuating circumstance that:
“I don’t deserve what they did to me; I never would have done it”
“They broke my heart, they killed me, and they destroyed my life”
And for this reason, I suffer, I cry, I curse, I can live normally in the present, pretending that that experience was forgotten, but that experience is still latent inside me, I have not let go, I have not forgotten.
“I don’t want to forgive, I keep it”

On the other hand we know that feces are a form of territory marking in the animal kingdom (be careful that I defecate in this territory), and for humans, unconsciously, it is also.

Where is my place?
“I can’t find my place, I feel isolated”,
“I want to get the hell out of this place”,
“I need to mark, find my place, have roots and not swim between two waters”,
“I am at the limit; my place is not within this territory”,
“I am separated from my place, from the one who deep down I am”,
“I am forced to put my ass in another seat”
Likewise, they can indicate to me that I am experiencing a feeling of submission in relation to a person or a situation in which I feel devalued, as if it were a nullity.
When hemorrhoids bleed they have a very direct relationship with the maternal figure, with the fact of not having a defined identity, a criterion of my own in life without the support of my mother or I permanently need her presence and her opinion.

Fear of being abandoned by the mother.

Hemorrhoids can also appear after a separation conflict and/or loss of the mother.

The vein symbolically represents the mother: I don’t want to go home (blood family), it sucks to get home and…
“I want to get rid of my mother”
Internal hemorrhoids: When the hemorrhoid is internal, the conflict that originates it has the sense of “filth”, an affront that we have suffered without being able or willing to respond to defend ourselves.
“Here I cannot give up the bite (the dirty thing that they made me and that I still feel), because it is not my territory”
However, when it comes to an external hemorrhoid the conflict is related to identity, with whether or not I feel recognized by the family. Who am I within my family?
Hemorrhoids in pregnant women:

What will my place be now that my son / daughter come into the world? What will my identity be? Will I still be my husband’s wife or my child’s mother?

The mother needs to adapt her life to this new situation and stress manifests itself in this way in some cases.
Another way to feel could be: “I give a place to this new identity”
Hemorrhoids usually manifest themselves in insecure people, who suffer from distrust and concern about the future and, as a consequence, generate the tendency to “hold things back”; they want to insure as much as possible, for what may happen.

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