SACRUM, emotional and spiritual meaning

The sacrum tells us about what is fundamental, essential and “sacred” for each of us based on our education, our religion or our culture. 
Sometimes we are confronted with relationship conflicts due to having religious precepts that force us to comply with a series of commandments such as not stealing, not lusting after another’s wife or incest prohibition. 

We are also exposed to conflicts for maintaining specific political ideals or for possessing specific moral concepts. In the same way, we can feel devalued by conflicts related to honor, honesty, sexuality, etc.

What are the sacred moments of life for the Human Being?
1. The conception
2. The birth
3. The responsible adult
4. Paternity / Maternity
5. Being a grandfather or grandmother
6. Death

The problems in the sacrum express to us that we are living a conflict in which I have to choose between “two opposite directions” regarding what is fundamental, essential and sacred for the individual.

These are two messages, two contradictory attitudes that are opposed and apparently incompatible, making the situation problematic and often without solution.
Example: a person who for her is fundamental the family fidelity and, on the other hand, feels that his family is causing her a lot of suffering. What does she do? 
The person feels cornered, alone, in an environment difficult to solve at the same time. “If I move to one side I’m not okay, if I move to the other I’m not okay, therefore I don’t move.”

Since we cannot go in two opposite directions or navigate with one foot in each boat, the unconscious provides us with symptoms that incapacitate us so that we do not have to choose between two opposing paths. 

The person is blocked between two opposing proposals, which lead him to a state of mind centered on the powerlessness to choose.
The solution to this conflict is to achieve a possible agreement between these two contradictory poles and thus be able to find peace with you.
The sacrum has a very important link with sexuality, always from the point of view of what is fundamental, essential and “sacred” for each one.
For what purpose, why is the sacrum blocked? It is blocked to avoid having to perform the sexual act.

Sacral or Tarlov cyst: it warns us of problems of infidelity in the couple, or of incest (real or symbolic), rapes, touching, etc.

Likewise, it can be due to restrictive behaviors related to sexuality in the family, such as when sexuality is prohibited between members of the clan (incest), due to age differences, religion, homosexuality, prostitution, etc.
“I have no right to make love to my brother, cousin, etc.
Of course, we must take into account whether incest is symbolic because of the unconscious, if our partner has an affinity with our mother, father, grandfather, etc., it will be classified as incest as well and it will have an impact on many aspects of the relationship.

We can have discomfort in the sacrum if during childhood or adolescence we have witnessed shocking sexual scenes that overwhelmed us emotionally.

Sacroiliac joint: it expresses a state of sexual devaluation on the part of my partner or ex-partner, because perhaps, there are situations at a sexual level that are not yet resolved. 
There may be a total absence of sex, but without having reached a spoken agreement between the two of them, or it may be that I feel inexperienced in sexual matters or that my partner devalues ​​or criticizes my body, etc.
Or perhaps, I am living a situation of love imposed by being married to someone I do not love, but I have to endure it because it satisfies my family.
Another conflict may be the type of sexuality that I live with my partner that is perhaps extremely disgusting for me, because he has a mania that I cannot bear, or an unpleasant fetish, or he asks me to have threesomes.
That is, experiences that are not for me correct, decent and that do not make me feel good.

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