INFLUENZA OR FLU, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The flu is a condition of the respiratory system, caused by a virus, which presents the following symptoms, cold, fever, muscle aches, headache, cough, stiffness and fatigue.
The flu expresses our difficulty in relating. These are, in most cases, people who have difficulties expressing their wishes and expressing their needs.
That is why we almost always have to look for the origin in family gatherings, in parties around a table.
Too many fights, disputes or invasion in my territory, (home, work, office, etc.), “Someone tries to take away what is vital to me (the air)”

We have felt hurt by words or by silences “very cold, frozen”, “They have frozen me”, “It is as if he had received a jug of cold water”, “I do not give more”

Small recurring family conflicts that I can’t bear anymore.
Something in our normal life has “swollen our noses” and makes us angry. That rage that cannot escape, ends up manifesting itself in the form of the flu.
Fever, stiffness and fatigue force us to relax and allow us to isolate ourselves and disconnect from our environment, for a while. It is the means we use to protect ourselves from the outside and to be able to release stored tensions.
In most cases, the affected person has no choice but to rest for several days to recover properly.
Intestinal flu: Fights in the familiar territory that we do not want to assimilate.

Flu bronchitis: “I can’t or I don’t have the right to complain”

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Instead of wanting to run away from a situation or someone, I try to transform my inner attitude; my feeling of a victim does not benefit me, on the contrary, it blocks my center of power.
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  1. Aashima

    I have the flu. Not Covid. I see it as a blessing as It feels like I am purging all the negativity of the past year. I will begin 2023 with a clean system. A clear mind and a full heart.