OSTEOPOROSIS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Osteoporosis is called the decrease in the density of the bone tissue that presents porosities, to the point of not being able to perform its support function.
(In no case can it be corrected with the contribution of more calcium, since it is not a loss of this mineral, the bone has less bone structure but the one that has, contains the correct amount of calcium).
It is the consequence of a slow and gradual global devaluation of the structure (real or symbolic) of the individual and, furthermore, I have resigned myself, I have accepted it and I am adapting to living that way.

Bone tissue is always affected when a person experiences an unexpected loss of self-esteem.

It is very possible that we suddenly realize that we are no longer what we were before, that is, attractive, agile, fast, daring, etc.
Or perhaps, the devaluation could have been triggered by insensitive or unfair criticism, by feeling belittled, because someone makes us feel physically old and gives us our seat or because they treat us differently from the younger ones, giving us priority in attention, etc.
And of course, if we do not get along, if it hurts and we collapse because we feel that we have lost “weight, strength, credibility” in life, then our bones will also lose density, they will begin to disappear, disintegrate, erase, etc.
It can also be a consequence of having suffered devaluation in our work environment after making a mistake, a lack of skill, etc.

Likewise, it can warn us of a loss of identity in some aspect of our life, be it, on a sexual level, in the role of mother/father, etc.

“I am no longer who I was”
Another emotional conflict that can cause me to have osteoporosis is related to my desire to flee or get away from a person or a situation that I can no longer bear.
In order to carry it out, my unconscious weakens my bones in order to make me lighter and thus have a better chance of “flying”, of distancing myself from that situation.

Osteoporosis can occur in women after menopause, indicating a loss of solidity, identity or female utility.

“I am reaching an age where I cannot afford certain luxuries”,
“I will never be so pretty”, will my husband still love me? “I am no longer attractive”,
He has to abandon these beliefs and know himself useful and productive on other levels, personal, social, professional, etc.
Learn to trust life and find new sources of motivation.
It is very important to take into account the part of the body affected and to know how to interpret the biological sense that corresponds to it to find out specifically the origin of the symptom.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

If I am a conscious person and accept the different stages of life while keeping my self-esteem intact, I will never have osteoporosis.

It is important to move from outer activity to supporting me in my inner spiritual world.

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