HAEMORRHAGES, emotional and spiritual meaning

A hemorrhage is a loss of blood caused by a rupture, accidental or not, of the arteries or venous vessels.

Blood represents family, clan, people who share the same blood.

It also symbolizes the joy of living. If we are shedding blood, we are losing our joie de vivre.
It may be due to a conflict of disunity or family separation.
We open the doors for disintegration in relation to…
(We must take into account the affected part and its meaning).  “I cannot adhere to this family (relationships, ideas, beliefs, and customs)”,  “I am isolated from my family (I think differently, I am different, they don’t accept me)”,
“I want to leave my family (I do not agree with them, I collide with them)”
“There is a member of my family that I want to leave (brother, stepfather, stepmother, uncle, etc.)”.
“I am unable to argue, to fight with someone in the family”
H. in the digestive system: In relation to a filthy that we cannot digest related to the family.
In the bronchi: Something distresses me and suffocates me.
“They prevent me from breathing in this family”

Hemorrhage in the genitals: Someone invades my sexual level.

“They prevent me from living my sexuality”
Hemorrhagein the rectum: “They prevent me from being myself”
Nosebleed: “I’m sad”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
A hemorrhage tells me that I should review my perception of life, from the meaning of the affected organ. I am taking life too seriously and I must relax and enjoy.
I learn to let go and express my emotions more freely. Feeling more liberated, I draw my attention to the joy in and around me.

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