How to know if there’s a symbol of a ghost /spirit on your family tree?

Today I will explain to you how to recognize the syndrome of a ghost in the family tree.
Ghost  or Spirit
It could also be called “replacement child”. For example, a child is born, his name is Antonio and he dies. 
After his passing, another child is born and the parents also call him Antonio. Antonio lives on Antonio’s mind. 
Furthermore, is very probably that the second child will never feel loved and recognized by his family and, even though he could receive tons of attention, he will still feel a lack of it. 
The reason for this is very clear: all what the parents are giving to the second child, unconsciously, they are giving to the first. 

The second child has no identity, not even he has his own name, but inherits the name of his deceased  brother.

Abortions are another form of ghosts or spirits.
I will use a metaphor to explain this: Imagine that conception is equal to buy a plane ticket. 
We all mostly know that, once we are ready to board the plane, we show our tickets and go through a sort of tube that leads to the aircraft (if you are lucky and don’t have to take a bus). 
In this case, the plane would be the birth, to show the ticket would be the conception and passing through the tube would be the pregnancy. 
When there is an abortion, the baby buys the ticket, shows it and goes through the tube… but when he gets to the end…. Surprise!… there’s no aircraft… 
And now what?… well, I will wait here. 
So, when another baby comes after an abortion, the baby buys again a ticket, he shows it up and while going through the tube, he finds his brother or sister waiting and, of course, he invites such brother or sister to board the plane with him. In other words, when there’s an abortion, the unconscious part of the unborn baby doesn’t gets lost and when his brother or sister are born, this one inherits the unconscious of the unborn baby. 
Again, a body and two minds.
Vertical ghost or spirit
 It is called in this way because it comes from the top, down.

For example: your grandparents had a daughter that they named Maria and she died as a child. 

Your father, who’s Maria’s brother, calls you Maria when you are born.
Another example: Your grandmother (mother of your mother) had an abortion and after that she didn’t have any more children. You are her first born grandchild.
We find this kind of ghost or spirit syndromes through the death dates.  
When you are someone’s double because of their death date, and this person died before you were born, his/her unconscious lives in you. In other words you carry with the ghost or spirit of this ancestor. 
For example: your grandparents on your mother’s side had a child that died young, His name was Pedro and he was born on November 3rd 1984 at 5 months old. Your name is Juan, but you were born  on November 6 2012.

The last sample: Your great grandmother died on September 3rd 1975 and you are born on June 3rd 1980

To conclude, I’d like to tell you that sometimes a person can show the symptoms of the syndrome his/her ghost or spirit even though, this one doesn’t belong in his/her family tree. 
It could be the sample of a family member that dies in our arms. And sometimes this person doesn’t even belong to the family.  
This fact is not very common, but it could happen. 
This would be the case of a death that you experienced closed to you and impacted you. 
Sometimes an accident in which you were involved or a friend that died while in your presence, etc. 
But , as I said, this cases are the less common.
Again I thank you for sharing this information. I sincerely hope you find it useful . Thank you.
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