SALIVARY GLANDS, Emotional and spiritual menaning

The salivary glands produce saliva and release it into the mouth. There are three pairs of relatively large major salivary glands:
Parotid glands: They are located at the top of each cheek, near the ear.
Submandibular glands: on the floor of the mouth.
Sublingual glands behind the tongue.
In addition to these major glands, there are from 600 to 1,000 very small minor salivary glands scattered throughout the mouth and throat.
The parotid gland: is affected by what is called “the conflict of the hamster”. 
This animal impulsively stores food to assimilate peacefully later. 

It is also the conflict of the collector who cannot stop collecting something, because a member of his/her family lacked it.

Glands located on the right; 
They are related to the desire to enter:
Fear of not being able to feed themselves.
You need to eat a lot, but cannot catch the morsel (of food).
Failing to incorporate conflict. 
“I take away the bread from the mouth”
Fear of starvation.
It is individuals who believe themselves unable to find food for themselves and are afraid to fall short of it.
Glands located on the left; They are related to the desire to leave: spit bite of unwanted food. 
What have I swallowed in my life that I deeply detested?
“I’m afraid of not being able to spit out the piece”.

Excretory ducts of the sublingual and parotid glands: conflict of having no right to eat, store, incorporate.

Sialolithiasis: (salivary gland stones) I want to store, then incorporate.
“I have to assimilate, but I think it will be unable to do so”
“I do not want them to use me, to take advantage of much less my purposes I do not share”
“I do not want another feel anger towards me, or to submit me”.
In left-handers, “I want this to go or do not want to take”

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