VOCAL CORDS: emotional and spiritual meaning

They are part of the speech apparatus.
These are the folds or membranous lips of the larynx that vibrate and produce the sounds that make up the voice.

If I have discomfort, they warn me that I am experiencing an emotional conflict related to verbal expression.

It may be that I want to express something but I do not do it, I repress it or, that I have difficulties expressing myself because I am afraid and I do not dare or, perhaps, because I cannot speak.
Am I afraid of being laughed at, criticized, rejected, or misunderstood?
Have I been disappointed by something or someone and am unable to say it?
What is it that hurts me to say and I prefer to keep it quiet?

Sometimes vocal cord problems are linked to secrets that I can’t tell.

My vocal cords tell me that I must give myself the right to express myself freely and in my own way, without being dominated by fear.
Likewise, it is important to learn to say things, to express my feelings, which will allow that energy to circulate freely. If I have difficulty expressing myself through words, I can do so by writing.
It is essential to have confidence and say things as they are, allowing myself to be authentic and consistent with myself.

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