LEG disorders, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the segment of the lower limb between the knee and the ankle.
They are the ones who take us through life day after day; our whole life rests on our legs.
Those that allow us to move, advance or go back, go from one place to another, and progress; and they are also the ones that allow us to approach, to go towards the encounter with others.
The legs perfectly reflect our behavior, the way we have used them, both physically and emotionally.
When leg problems appear, it indicates that we are having difficulties in our relationship with the world or with others.

They can signal a fear or a difficulty to continue moving in one direction.

Perhaps we can no longer bear a specific situation or we have the feeling of not being able to move forward.
Either because we have the impression of not having the necessary means to carry out what we want.
Or perhaps, because we feel limited or impeded in the action, either by ourselves or by another person.
They also express our way of relating to the future and the ability to gain momentum to go where we want.
Lower part (calf): Allow me to move forward. If it hurts, or if I have ramps in my calves, I should slow down. 
Do I want to stop certain events that await me or scare me?
Do I have the feeling that everything is going too fast?
What is the current situation or what do I see coming that makes me fear the future?

Weak legs tell us about a person who has difficulties to stay on his legs, to be independent and will continually seek support from others.

Solid and muscular legs are symptoms of an arrogant and rigid personality, which has a hard time changing or performing any activity in a spontaneous, unstructured way.
Fat and underdeveloped legs indicate someone incapable of moving in the world, they go through life dragging their feet or leaden feet, because they have great difficulty moving forward, making decisions.
Wiry legs, which are thin but strong, belong to individuals who are always on the move, cannot stay still, have problems relating and grounded.
Heavy or tired legs: They express the feeling of a lot of load that it means for us to do certain things.
“Carrying too heavy a load”
“This work seems very heavy to me.”
“My life is very heavy.”
“How heavy it is to work.”
“How hard it is to go to school to pick up my grandchildren”
Legs, (return circulation), tell us about our relationship with work:
“Going to work is hard for me”

Capillaries of the legs: They warn us that we carry a very heavy weight and we cannot handle it.

It also shows us that we want to clean up the dirty things in the family.
Legs, fluid retention: “I don’t take care of myself and I’ve wasted my time”
Cramps in the calves clearly express to us how tense and irritated we are to be forced to take a direction contrary to our own desire.
.It also tells us that we push ourselves too hard.
Tibia: The tibia is related to growth and emancipation.
It represents my growth from child to adult, my emancipation, going out to study, to work, to do what I like.

Any problem shows me that I am living a conflict of devaluation because I have difficulties to emancipate myself, to be myself.

They almost always have to do with a relationship of dependence on our mother, for needing her permission, her approval, for preventing me from being myself.
Sometimes, for the unconscious, the mother can be represented in our partner, since she has an affinity with her.
If there is a fracture, which means that I have had problems with my family growing up, I should search the family tree for similar stories among my doubles.
The shins: represents my lifestyle, what I love to do. If we suffer any damage it, it tells us that, in some way, our ideals have been broken.
Fibula: is also related to growth. He represents the father or our responsibility as such:
“He is not or I am not a good father”

If problems arise, they are showing us a devaluation conflict: “I feel incapable of leaving, of becoming independent, to make my own life”

Right leg: he tells me that I should go, move towards…, but I don’t want to.
She connects with our affective side.
Left leg: he expresses to me that I want to go, move towards…, but I can’t. It is related to danger.

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