Are you ready to let go of your disease?

The missing link? Biological Decoding: Are you ready to let go of your dis-ease?
How closely are the diseases we attract and our emotions linked together? 
“Modern” medicine has dismissed this idea and supports the premise that we are merely mechanical objects in bodies and need to be addressed on this “repair” level—almost as if a mechanic would address the slipping transmission of a car.  
Yet, if this hypothesis was truly sound, once a condition was “cured” or “fixed” or “free” from our body, why would it return? 
Or why would we go on to manifest another disease, condition or more serious ailment or illness, somehow related to the first? 

Disease is an unnatural unbalanced state.

We are more than a physical body. 
We are mind, body and spirit manifest as matter, and therefore must address healing and wellness from a broader view which includes mind, body and spiritual awareness beginning with ourselves and with our intention. 
Do we want to get well or do we simply want relief?
Two Ancient philosophies from China (Taoism) and India (Ayurvedic) address health and healing as a multi-faceted process of balance and imbalance. 
They give a holistic picture of human life. 
Our true essence or spiritual wisdom cannot be left out, for it adds the consideration of our karmic imprint and influence of our Akash within our basic genetic code; both lessons—and answers. 
Twenty five hundred years ago, even Hippocrates, Greek physician and father to western medicine defined health as coming into harmony and balance with the natural world and according to some sources comingled the working of the divine into all human affairs; life. 
Conversely, sickness or disease he said was a disharmony or imbalance. 

The way back to health was to understand and harmonize with nature.

Harmony or “lack of harmony” must be acknowledged in not only our unbalanced state, but in regaining harmony as part of the healing. 
Could this dis-ease or imbalance simply be our spiritual side trying to get our attention to heal our emotional side, to then heal our physical side or condition? 
Our mind, physical body, and our spiritualness must be thought of as a single package.
Call it the missing link.
Professor Enrique Bouron calls it Biological Decoding, derived from the new German Medicine given to Drs. Claude Sabbah and Hamer. But, it’s not medicine, per se. 
There are no substances to ingest or operations to endure.
Instead, it is the art of assisting to restore wellness by identifying the conflict that produced the unbalance or dis-ease. 

Biological Decoding is the complement to and goes hand in hand along with traditional western medicine. 

This therapy seeks to understand the underlying emotional conflicts and how we in turn create “universes” within them and how we transmute them into love. 
Enrique says “there are millions of different experiences running all at the same time and most of them are strange or unexplainable to us  . . . 
In fact we are often unaware they are even running and affecting us.
We cannot understand why others aren’t willing to believe what we believe. 
Of course we don’t like how many things work around us, but we are pointing the wrong direction while judging: everything teaches us, and when you are pointing at someone with one finger, there are three of your own fingers point back at you. 
The question is always: what are you feeling with that?”
I am reminded of the iconic spiritual phrase: “the answer always lies within in.” Truth and wisdom.
The biggest secret is you have to be ready and ask for help.

Each individual must be willing and ready to let his or her universe of stored beliefs and emotions go, or the disease will remain. If the conflict is still latent, the disease will be present. 

So, Biological decoding seeks to comprehend the relation of emotions and beliefs with the psyche, the brain, the body and the spirit; hidden away from the one participating—you.
By Cathrine Silver

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