PRESBYOPIA, emotional and spiritual meaning



Presbyopia, also called eyestrain, is a defect in the eye that does not see nearby objects clearly due to poor accommodation of the lens.
Symptoms appear around age 45 and progress to about 60.
Presbyopia translates our inability to see clearly and objectively reality and the things that surround us.

We have difficulties adapting to people and circumstances around us, we suffer from a lack of “accommodation” in life.

“I settle in less easily than in other times”, “I don’t want to see what I have in front of me. I refuse to accommodate”
It may be difficult for us to see our current family environment or our work situation.
We do not live or enjoy our present by thinking about an uncertain future.
Sometimes, the lack of projects for the present becomes evident.
It could be interpreted as a loss of enthusiasm for the present and fear, apprehension about a distressing future, both for us and for ours:
“What will we do in the future?
Something bad can happen. Everything is stuck…

Presbyopia often reflects the fear of getting old. We find it difficult to look in the mirror, see how our body ages, not see ourselves as desirable, etc.

“I am afraid of seeing death, retirement, illness, old age, etc. and, I know that they will end up arriving”,
“I will not have enough time to carry out my projects”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I have to learn to “accommodate” to the circumstances and the people who are present in my life, in order to improve our “vision”.
I must be willing to see the present reality with absolute awareness.
It is essential to know how to accept, face and overcome everything that life shows me.
I need to learn to grow old with acceptance and joy.
I must divert attention from my physical part that, naturally, begins to age inward, and thus be able to become aware of the strength and qualities that I have acquired on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

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