PANCREAS disorders, emotional and spiritual meaning


The pancreas is an encapsulated organ located in the abdomen, between the stomach and the intestine. It is a gland attached to the digestive tract, linked to the duodenum.
The pancreas has two basic functions:
1) Segregate digestive enzymes to the small intestine, to assimilate food.
2) Produce hormones necessary for the blood such as insulin and glucagon.
For the unconscious, if there is a big problem, real or imagined, that is related to a “mouthful” that we have swallowed and, suddenly, it is taken away or we cannot digest it, it can affect the pancreas.
When this organ is damaged, it tells us about the need and, at the same time, the impossibility, of getting an essential and necessary “mouthful” for my life.
“They have taken something from me, which was already mine, and that I was about to assimilate”

When a person has any symptoms related to this organ, he has lived or is living a situation in which someone has betrayed him and/or has dishonored him. 

She experiences it as an ignominy, as a great offense that brings her enormous discredit and which she internally resists, does not digest and causes fear and disgust.
These are two emotional conflicts lived together, on the one hand, the serious offense received and, on the other, the “resistance”, the opposition to not wanting to digest or accept it.
“They have done me (or have done) a very great affront, something detestable”
“I have experienced something unacceptable from someone in my family, my work or my social life”,
“I fight for my mouthful”,
“My brother stole my share of the inheritance”,
“They made me sign a paper where I renounced my inheritance, etc.”,”
They have done something detestable to me”, “They reproach me for the ingested mouthful”

Added, in addition, an internal emotion that I cannot believe what they have done to me, I did not expect it, I could never imagine it.

Normally it will be related to something material, an inheritance, a house, a vacation, a salary increase, a land, a settlement, etc. 
That is, something that I take for granted that I am going to receive and, for some reason, it does not happen.
As with all symptoms, the severity will depend on how I live it, on the importance that I give it and, obviously, it will be related to my claims, my expectations and my ability to consciously face and react to frustration.
Pancreatitis: If someone has inflammation of the pancreas,
it is because he is refusing or opposing a situation or a special person. 
A situation that makes you feel bitter, or discouraged.
“I see how my husband offends me every day and makes fun of my humble origins”

I feel very offended by a total lack of respect for me that, in some way, has caused me to separate myself from the joy and sweetness that I expected from him.

Pancreatic calculus: “I do not want the other to think that I am not noble”
“They take money from me, they disinherit me and I want to get something for myself”
Pancreatic cancer: If I live in a situation that is difficult for me to swallow and digest and that seems ignoble to me, I will have a good chance of developing pancreatic cancer.
The most frequent in this organ is adenocarcinoma and it is due to an annoyance that occurred, most of the time, in the family environment that cannot be digested (indigestible) and, almost always, is related to some economic matter (dispute over inheritance real or symbolic, distribution of money or property, etc.).
What thing, Ifelt it was mine and they took it from me?
What had they promised me and never gave it to me?
Is there something that is mine and some family member wants it for himself?
It can also be triggered by a feeling of revulsion: “This disgusts me?
In the Sense Project, I will have to find out if my mother suffered during pregnancy, some similar experience, where she expectted something that she already felt in her hands and that, at the last moment, they took it away from her or she did not receive it.

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