RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME,emotional and spiritual meaning

Raynaud’s disease is a disorder that causes decreased blood circulation, mainly in the fingers and toes.

When this happens, blood cannot reach the surface of the skin and the affected areas turn white and blue.

Blood represents family, that’s why we say that we all carry the same blood.

In addition, its circulation symbolizes the joy that runs through my body, the joy with which I live life.

Problems related to circulation affect, above all, pessimistic people, who always focus on the negative and worry excessively about everything.

If it affects my hands; I must take into account that these symbolically represent my father and, therefore, I must examine how my relationship with him is.

“The relationship with my father is cold.”

Likewise, they are related to the activity that I carry out, fundamentally, with work.

How do I feel at work?

Am I qualified to carry out the activity that I carry out? “I don’t feel capable of staying in that job”, “I’m doing poorly at my job”, “I’m unable to finish this project”, “I’m unable to get another job”. “I can’t be competent and bring things to fruition, to the end,”

Another cause that can cause this symptom is related to self-devaluation for not being able to touch, grab, hold someone with your hands.

“I want to retain the deceased”

In the same way, it can indicate that I feel distressed because I cannot return to my house (home, heart), due to work-related problems.

It can also warn me that I feel devalued because I am not recognized within my own family. “I am not good enough for my family to accept and love me”, “I feel like my family is like an iceberg”. “I perceive that my life is like “frozen”.

Am I afraid to express myself and take my place?

If it affects my toes, the cause may be related to my mother, her contact with her may feel cold.

As the feet, biologically, have the function of moving forward, of going to a place or not, I have to review my life in this sense,

“I feel that this place where I live is very cold and I have always wanted to leave.”

It can also be linked to a situation in which I feel that I have lost a territory (something that is mine), due to separation or death.

Have I broken up with a love relationship and am I still attached?

Am I experiencing a strong rejection?

Likewise, it can correspond to experiences where the cold was very present.

There could have been someone who died in the snow, on the ice and I couldn’t help him.

It can also affect me if I work in a funeral home or somewhere where there is ice or it is very cold and I can’t stand it.

If we do not find ourselves identified with the previous conflicts, we have to search our family tree, in case there is a similar story that we have inherited from an ancestor.

In the same way, we must review the Meaning Project with which we were conceived and gestated and analyze if it was not our parents who lived these stories and have programmed us.

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