I Am Your Symptom


Hello! I have many names: knee pain, stomach pain, rheumatism, asthma, runny nose, flu, back pain, sciatica, cancer, depression, migraine, cough, sore throat, kidney failure, diabetes, hemorrhoids. The list goes on and on.
I volunteered for the worst possible job: being the bearer of bad news for you.
You do not understand me, no one understands me.
You think I want to bug you, spoil your  plans.
Everyone thinks that I want to make life difficult  by hurting or limiting them.
That’s not true, since it would make no sense at all.

I, the symptom, am just trying to speak to you in a language that you can hear and understand.

Tell me something: would you get into some business with terrorists by knocking at their door while holding a flower and wearing a t-shirt with the “peace” symbol printed on the back?
I didn’t think so.
Then why don’t you understand that I, the symptom, cannot talk to you in a soft and subtle voice when I need to give you a message?
You hit me and you hate me.
You complain about my presence in your body  to everyone.
But you do not take the time to try and understand the cause of my manifestation in your body.
I only hear you telling me “be quiet”, “go away”, “I hate you”,
“ I curse the moment at which you showed up”, and so on…

All those sentences disempower me from making you understand.  

But I need to keep  firm and steady  because it’s my job to make sure you get the message.
And then what do you do?  You send me to sleep with pills.
You quiet me with tranquilizers. You beg me to disappear with anti-inflammatory remedies.
You want to erase me with chemotherapy.
Day after day you try to cover, silence, and to seal me. It surprises me that sometimes you even visit witches and sorcerers, asking them to “magically” remove me from your body.
And so I am totally ignored by you when my only intention was to deliver a message to you.
Imagine that I am the alarm in the Titanic, the one that tries thousands of time to tell you that you are about to crash into iceberg and drown.

I keep ringing for days, weeks, months, and even years, trying to save your life.

And you complain because I am not allowing you to sleep well, or walk, or work, and you still don’t listen to mi.
Do you understand now?
 You think that I,  the symptom, am “the disease”.  
You go to the doctor and pay for dozens of visits.
You spend money that you don’t have to buy more and more medicines.
And all this just to keep me quiet. I am not the disease, I am the symptom.
Why do you want to silence me when I am the only alarm that keeps trying to save you?

The disease is YOU. It’s your LIFESTYLE and your REPRESSED EMOTIONS.  

It’s okay that while reading this you feel a bit angry and frustrated.
All of these words may feel like a smack to your intelligence.
I understand your process and can manage it pretty well. In fact, it’s a part of my job, so don’t worry.
The good news is that it’s up to you to decide when you will stop needing me. It’s totally up to you to analyze what it is that I am trying to tell you, or prevent from happening to you.
I, the symptom, don’t show up in your life to say HI, but to let you know that an emotion that you’ve been repressing in your body needs to be analyzed and resolved so that you won’t get sick.
You should give yourself the opportunity to ask: “Why is this symptom in my life?
What does it want to tell me?
Why is it showing up at this moment?
What do I have  to change so I no longer will need this symptom?”.

If you do this research only with your mind, you won’t go much further than what you already did in the past.

You must also consult your subconscious, your heart, and your feelings.
Please, whenever I show up in your body, analyze what I am trying to tell you before rushing up to the doctor so he can put me to sleep.
Just for once I’d like to be recognized for my excellent work.
The sooner of your awareness of why I am showing up in your body, the sooner my departure will come.
Little by little, you will learn that I will visit you less as less as you gradually become a better researcher. And I assure you that there will be a day in which you will no longer feel me or see me.
As you regain your balance and perfection as the best “analyzer” of your life, and learn more about your emotions, reactions, and coherence,

I guarantee that you will never need to visit a doctor or buy medicines again.

Please, fire me from my job..
Do you really think that I like my job?
I invite you to reflect on every time that you see me visiting you.
I invite you to stop showing off me off to your family and friends as if I was a trophy.
I’m tired of you telling me:
“Yeah, I am still diabetic.”
“I can’t stand my knee pain anymore, I can no longer walk.”
“I am always having this migraines.”

You keep showing me off as if I was a treasure that you will never be able to give up.

My job is shameful, and you should be ashamed of showing me off.
Each time that you do, what you are really saying is, “Look at how weak I am. I can’t even analyze and understand my own body and emotions. I don’t make sense. Look at  me! Look at me!
Please, be aware, reflect, and act.
The sooner you do it, the faster I will go away.
The Symptom

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  1. Rhizomatech

    Hello Joman,
    Thank you. I love the way you have put this. Really changed things for me.
    I am going to share it on facebook if that is ok?

    Warm wishes, Anna
    Hara Holistics/Rhizomatec

  2. Joman Romero

    Hello ANNA, thanks for your kind words. Of course, you can share any article you want with a link to my blog. Best regards, Joman.

  3. prathapr82

    OK symptom, thanks for kindly speaking to me in words , and not pain

  4. Daumants

    It is awesome…
    Just from reading this part changes the way i look at myself. Have been on my spiritual journey for bit more than two decades and have read many interpretations of inner causes of diseases but this is the first time it is symptom.

    Bless you for your wisdom