ADDICTIONS, emotional and spiritual meaning:


Addiction is the unconditional surrender of a person to a certain thing, substance, activity, relationship, feelings or events those take over his will and control it, making him dependent on it and which he apparently cannot do without, in the normal course of his life. 
The subject loses his freedom and becomes a slave to his addiction, and towards it, he directs all his efforts, in an uncontrollable way.

Addiction refers to a conflict of recognition and lack of protection on the part of the mom, and in a much lower percentage of dads.

They are almost always conflicts related to mom, since she was our first and most important “addiction” in life. 
That to which we are addicted returns us to that love, recognition and protection of a mother that we had and lost, or that we never got (in which case the addiction is usually more compulsive).
if I have any type of addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, tobacco, tranquilizers, etc. it means that I need my mom to be by my side to face a challenge. 
It’s my way of requesting help from mom in the wrong way. I want her to see me as a “victim”, because only then she will help me.
And they can be things as simple as facing my adolescence, getting ahead of a school or professional problem. There is no age. And of course, Mom is not always there for me, or at least she is not a fortune teller.
Addictions are related to the unsaid (addiction). I have no right to express myself. I don’t have the ability to express myself. 
So if I don’t express my needs, it will be easier for me to deal with everything with drugs.

Through addiction, unconsciously, we seek the protection of a mother, because I want to “flee from reality” since I am afraid of not being able to face it.

“Are my parents coming to help me? Don’t you see that I am suffering, that I am dying? “I am not able to face a situation”
“With this (drug) I feel strong.” “With a cigarette, with a drink, with a pill, I feel safe.”
Every addiction tries to avoid contact with the emotion that underlies the conflict. It can be a feeling of existential emptiness, lack of love, the feeling of loneliness, etc. Our reality makes us suffer and addiction temporarily masks our suffering, and then worsens it.
There are many types of addictions.
Some of them are considered harmful by society, such as: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. 
However, there are others that are well regarded but are used for the same purpose, among which we can mention work, money, knowledge, success, etc.

Behind every addiction, hidden in the depths of Being, there is a longing for love, spiritual food, freedom, communication, contact with others, etc.; that our soul needs and that our personality, due to lack of courage, of responsibility, looks for a substitute for us, that the more we give ourselves to it, the more dissatisfaction and frustration it produces in us.

The obese man tries to satisfy his “hunger” for love with food and does not realize that the more he eats, the hungrier he is.
The alcoholic yearns for love, well-being, sweetness and, “drowns his sorrows in wine”, “if you have a drink you will feel better”
But he does not face his conflicts consciously. He shuns his responsibilities with the desire to remain the irresponsible child and not be punished.
And wine provides him with the world he desires, but in an illusory way.
“I lack warmth, well-being and sweetness”, “I need love, but what they have given me so far has not been good for me”, “I want another form of affection, with tenderness, with sweetness.”
On many occasions, alcoholics were unwanted children, even for a moment.
Therefore, the person seeks to harm himself and be a victim to challenge the father or mother to “love him.”

And in a vast majority of cases, they succeed, because the mother or father cares, supports him, takes him in at home and even contributes money to satisfy his addiction.

Other emotional conflicts that can lead to alcoholism:
When we use alcohol to escape from a reality that we consider unacceptable and, through it, we try to forget ourselves.
We can also fall into alcohol after experiencing a situation of separation from our father.
Likewise, we can use addiction to express the truths that I am forced to keep quiet in front of my family (drunkards always tell the truth).
Another cause may have to do with the intention of wanting to unite mom and dad.
“I want to bring my maternal clan out of despair”

The tobacco addict tries to satisfy with it his desire for communication (freedom) and closeness to his mother (territory).

Smokers try to create that freedom and that communication (which they do not have with their mother), by smoking.
It is common that the mother of a smoker is a firm mother that she takes it for granted that her son or daughter is strong, that in no way does she expect to see him or her fail. 
Therefore, the person wants to fill that void of maternal affection (territory) with “smoke”. I live in a lonely situation and selfishly, I need to hold on to something.
“I feel separated from the territory, I feel separated from my mother”, “I feel oppressed, trapped”
There are mothers who show their affection, giving kisses and hugs, but, nevertheless, when the child asks for something or asks something, the mother does not consider it important or takes it as if it were a joke, before which the child feels that he is neither loved nor respected. 
The mother says things like: “Oh, what a fool”, “You and your things”, “Oh that’s not important”.
What is the hidden biological emotion of a tobacco addict?
“I am afraid of living, of facing reality”, “I run from myself”, “I am afraid of failing”, “I don’t know how to love myself, much less express it”
Cocaine addiction: It may be due to fear to interact socially, linked to the desire to do so and ignorance.

For having lived with a father who overwhelms me, crushes me, does not protect me and devalues me. “I want to replace my father”, “I hate my father”.

Marijuana addiction: Drug of the “mother” (Mary comes from the “mother” earth and is consumed naturally).
The uterus secretes a cannabinoid (anandamine) that if not picked up by the bone there will be a failed pregnancy.
We are alive because of the cannabinoid and marijuana contains it.
Adolescence represents a second birth. What am I going to be born in?
Addiction to hashish: There may be memories linked to murders and wars.
Heroin addiction: Gives the impression of high energy and optimism.
It tells us about the separate “hero”, the one that I am not, because I disappointed someone or myself.

This addiction shows us a great devaluation and separation from sex.

Morphine addiction: I can’t stand the suffering.
Workaholism: There may be a feeling of abandonment behind. Belief that “I am what I do” and need for recognition “Mom (or dad) did not recognize me.”
It expresses to us a situation of affective deficiency. “I need to show my parents that I am good for something”
Greed: I keep the bite (real or symbolic) for myself. “If I give, I am left without him.”
Success addiction: Translates a problem of abandonment and lack of recognition. “Mom abandoned me or did not recognize me”
Gambling: Expresses a feeling of abandonment and lack of recognition. “I need to ‘win’ mom’s love. There is a belief that the prize will allow me to free myself from my needs.

Collector: It may indicate a feeling of worthlessness, I feel incomplete. “I do not serve”, “I complete myself through my collections”

Record fanatic:: There is a great devaluation of myself. “I have the need to show that I can be the best at something”
Sex addiction: Behind this addiction is a feeling of abandonment. “I need to go back to my mother or my father, to enjoy his protection”
It also denotes the inability to pleasure oneself. I am not a product of love, but of pleasure, I was conceived in sin. Or it can also respond to an attempt to make up for the sex life that my parents wanted to have but couldn’t.
Another very widespread and persecuted addiction in our time is the addiction to L.S.D.; in general, it represents a refuge that isolates us from life and from others.
Everything looks rosy. Conflicts are not such after consuming the drug because it moves us to “another place”, or it stimulates us enormously, and all for not facing the reality of living the incarnation according to the designs of our soul and assuming that civilization is the mirror showing us our own portrait.

Addiction to this drug expresses my fear of interacting socially, I want to do it but I don’t know how.

“The real world is very painful and I don’t want it”, “Everyday life is unbearable; I want new and wonderful things”,
“I do not want to relate to a person in my environment, so I break with everything”
We have to earn the desire to travel to other dimensions of consciousness with the effort to develop the soul and spirit and to achieve this will is essential. With drugs, the ability to make conscious decisions and the will of the individual are dissipated.
Drugs and tranquilizers relate to the feeling of feeling estranged, separated or ignored by mom or dad.
It is very common for children with an absent mother or father to fall into drugs or tranquilizers, because these substances allow them to avoid their feeling of “abandonment“. 
These may be children whose parents are never at home or, although they are, they ignore their children. He finds in drugs, the way to avoid that pain.
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