STULTIFICATION, emotional and spiritual meaning

It’s about the self-criticism and loss of personal worth.
The cause of devaluation can be found in the genealogical tree, in the Sense Project, in childhood or adolescence.

As during this process we are developing at all levels, devaluation is structured in us and becomes part of our way of being and being in life.

A devalued person moves into all areas of his existence under the beliefs, conscious or unconscious of:
“I am not good for…”, “I am not good enough to do a manual activity, sports, etc.”, “I could have done better…”, “I am not able to retain a person”, “I am not able to defend myself of…”,” I should have tried harder…”,” I’m not as capable as…”
Unfortunately, people are unaware that when they experience a highly emotionally charged conflict of devaluation, it will manifest itself in different parts of our body.
A self-devaluation conflict can be experienced as “generalized” (it will affect the person as a whole) or “localized”
The location will be determined by where the self-devaluation is experienced.

A slight devaluation will affect the blood vessels and connective tissue.

If it is moderate, it will be linked to cartilage and lymph nodes.
When it comes to a severe devaluation, it will damage the bones and joints.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I give myself permission to be myself and I assert myself.
I look for my values ​​within myself, not in others.

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