What is disease?


“Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a “scientific” asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge: it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas”.
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer
We live in a time where it seems that science-based medicine has most illnesses under control.
We are frequently amazed by new cures and solutions that seem to be almost miraculous. However, hospitals are as full as ever!
Despite science’s great advances and its fierce battle against illnesses, the later continues a step ahead of the game.
What could be the reason for this?
The reason is that medicine has not realized the underlying causes of illnesses yet.
It works as if the disease was foreign to the patient, a horrible, meaningless and unjust ailment that possesses and takes over the patient.

It is considered to be a body malfunction which needs to be quickly repaired so that the patient can go on with life as usual.

The patient is treated as a machine with a broken part (organ) that needs to be replaced.
This is the major cause of medicine’s failure and even though there are great therapeutic innovations and huge investment devoted to research, the percentage of ill people continues to be the same.
Medicine fails since it is centered on the physical and functional aspects of the body only. It does not take into account- for some reason- that within the body there is a thinking and feeling being and that any manifestation in the physical world has been created in the realm of thoughts and ideas, in the invisible world.
Hence, we must assume that it is not the body that is ill, it is the human being.
There is only one disease a human being can have, and that is, the lack of harmony in his consciousness.
His consciousness is split, thus incomplete and ill. In order to be healthy or whole, a person must integrate those aspects of reality which he rejects or avoids.

He rejects these aspects because he cannot recognize them as his own, he wishes he didn’t have them and he wishes he didn’t have to experience them.

All that which we consider evil, which we don’t dare to accept and we wish, would vanish from the earth is what Carl Jung denominated “the shadow.”
In order to achieve balance and oneness, a person needs to incorporate all these aspects of his shadow to his consciousness.
If a person refuses to consciously own a part of him -his shadow- then, whatever principle was rejected, will go into the body and will manifest itself as a symptom, making it impossible not to experience that which was previously rejected.
The body becomes then the mirror of the soul.
It shows us that which the soul does not recognize; it makes visible that part of our soul that otherwise, we would not see.
Therefore, the symptom manifests physically that part which is missing, the part that would allow a human being to be complete, to be healthy.
The purpose of scientific medicine to fight disease and want to eradicate it; apart from being something impossible to achieve because, as we have verified, the human being by participating in polarity also participates in the disease and, therefore, is a sick person; what prevents is the evolution of the human being who needs the disease to be healthy.

So believing that healing consists of taking some pills, surgically removing an organ or following a diet becomes irresponsible.

It is not about fighting disease, it is about overcoming it, transcending it.
To transcend disease, one must own the thought patterns and the feelings underneath the illness.
To transcend illness means to go above and beyond the conflict and the imbalance it is creating to a superior state of peace and equilibrium.
Healing occurs only when the illness has been transcended, since, with the healing process, the patient integrates that which he previously rejected, increasing in this way his level of awareness.
Real medicine, which advocates for health, should contemplate man as a homogeneous whole consisting of body, mind, and spirit.
In this way and contrary to what is believed, we realize that disease is not a bad thing, but quite the opposite; it is an intelligent reaction of our body and our mind that guides us towards a state of balance, of health, of unity from which we had parted.
In short, illness is as closely linked to health as birth is to death.

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