SINUSITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It consists of the infection and inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the nose and paranasal sinuses.
This inflammation is linked to the helplessness I feel in front of a very close person who irritates me, suffocates me, orders me and crushes me.
I am angry with someone very intimate, who is very close to me, who I cannot stand, who displeases me.
And whom I do not even want to smell.
It can be family, emotional or work relationships.
This anger may be related to the difficulty and, at the same time, the need, to defend my position or my ideas.
That is, with the fact of having to “face” something in a specific situation.
It expresses the difficulties I have to impose my authority or to “face” the authority of another.
People with this symptom have a tendency to be continually suspicious of everything and everyone.
Sometimes it can be the mere suspicion that something is not right or could become problematic.

These are intuitions that generate uncertainty, perhaps without really knowing why. I may smell danger or threat (real or symbolic)

Sometimes sinusitis manifests itself after having suffered a very painful separation.
If there is a great secretion of mucus, it indicates that there has been a great deception.
It can refer to a conflict related to the father, as the nose symbolically represents the father.
Maxillary sinuses: it indicates to me that I feel anguish about wasting time in a dangerous situation;
I struggle at a crossroads.
I feel prey to anguish and indecision and I don’t know whether to attack or defend myself from the danger I feel.
However, I do not take action while I perceive that time passes against me.
What is my nose for, what is the use of not smelling?

Biologically it is to isolate myself or get away from my environment or to not feel the separation, to not suffer or not to smell.

Paradoxically, the obstruction increases the problem because it prevents me from sniffing, analyzing in detail the potential danger that I only suspected.
What circumstance or person in my immediate environment irritates me and generates rejection?
Frontal sinuses: they warn me of problems related to future situations.
About the projects and paths that appear on my horizon.
It also refers to dangerous situations in which I do not envision a possible way to protect myself or face them.
Ethmoid sinuses: it tells me that there is something that “smells bad” and also,

I feel devalued due to an injustice or because I do not feel up to it, either within the family or in the professional sphere.

Sphenoid sinuses: similar to the ethmoid with a tonality of “having failed at something”
For right-handed people (left-handed people backwards):
Right sinuses: related to getting something (input).
Left sinuses: they tell me about wanting to get rid of something (exit).

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