What is health?

If someone seeks health, ask him first if he is willing to avoid in the future the causes of disease; otherwise, abstain from help. Socrates
Many people, including people from the medical field, define health as an absence of illness or symptoms.
But this definition does not capture the meaning of health in its totality.
Health is not a state; it is a very dynamic process that is achieved through our inner communication with us.
In this process, we become aware of our thoughts and emotions, redirecting them to a state of peace and mental health that will result in our physical health.

True health is subjective and it occurs inside a person’s consciousness.

It is the well being derived from trusting oneself, being spiritually connected through love and actively participating in the creation of our own life with joy and enthusiasm.
Health is our natural state; it is the expression of Divine order.
On the other hand, illnesses are the result of being disconnected from our feelings, setting aside our life purpose and being incapable of expressing our individuality.
It is a sign that we have lost our sense of unity with the world, people, nature and God, of feeling separated and disconnected from the spiritual world.
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