HIATAL HERNIA, emotional and spiritual meaning



Hernia produced when a part of the stomach protrudes into the chest. It produces the effects of acidity, but chronically.
On many occasions it occurs because the cardia (valve that joins the esophagus and the stomach) does not work correctly and part of the acid content of the stomach passes into the esophagus, whose mucosa is not prepared for the acidic pH of this gastric fluid and causes it to produce gastroesophageal reflux.
Other times there is also a passage of part of the stomach into the chest cavity, which is called a hiatal hernia.
In acute and occasional cases of gastroesophageal reflux, I must find out if I have suffered some affective setback, a recent injustice within my family that causes me like a knot in my stomach and I cannot digest, tolerate, accept it.
“I do not tolerate this life, I do not like my life, I do not accept what I live daily” (I swallow it, but I do not digest it, I would like to return it, but in the end, I do not return it) “I am afraid”, “I live threatened by my fears”.

My limits have been transgressed. “My family makes me swallow toxic food (emotionally).”

They try to instill in me ideas that, although they may be important to them, are contrary to my way of seeing and feeling life.
“They impose on me and I can’t express myself”, “I’m in a dead end and I want to get out”.
It also expresses a feeling of lack of love, lack of emotional nourishment.
People who leave the cardia half open do so hoping that more love (physical nourishment is the symbolic equivalent of spiritual nourishment) will enter their lives.
“I am missing something very important, I am willing to receive more”, “I leave the door open because I am expecting affection, tenderness, I want to receive the love of others”, “I want more and better food than what I have received, I am open to the recognition of my family”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Practice deep breathing exercises to relax and free the diaphragm of the emotions that block it. “I am safe. I trust in the natural process of life”

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  1. may

    do you have info about Inguinal hernia?
    great website!

    1. Joman Romero

      Extracted from my book Knowing Ourselves:
      An inguinal hernia consists of the leakage of part of the intestine or another organ from inside the abdominal cavity into the inguinal canal (the groin). The herniated intestine can be located in the groin or, in men, reach the scrotum, the bag that covers the testicles.
      When an inguinal hernia manifests it expresses that I lived or am living an emotional conflict with my father (real or symbolic), or myself as a father.
      “I can’t show my aggressiveness”, “I feel observed by my father in everything I do”, “I must hide because of the hatred my father feels towards me”, “My father devalues me and I hate him for it”, “It bothers me that my father tells me how to do things”
      I have a hard time showing my virility (in men).
      They betrayed me sexually when I thought everything was going well.
      “I hate the person who betrayed me”
      It can also be related to difficult births or dead children in the clan who have not been mourned. I have lost a child and I cannot get over it.
      Likewise, it can be the consequence of having lost the love of my life (partner, lover) and not being able to overcome it (current or transgenerational unfinished grief).
      I have to search among the people I live with who is my father’s double or find out in my genealogical tree doubles of mine who have had problems with their parents (real or symbolic) to free myself from those programs.
      It is necessary to openly express the pain, hatred or anger caused by the relationship with my father or myself as a father.
      I must express and free myself from the pain I feel for having lost a partner or a child.