INDIGESTION, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is an abdominal discomfort that appears after meals due to various digestive problems
It presents with burning and a feeling of exaggerated fullness.
Digestion stops, slows down or is altered due to the fact of identifying as toxic, dangerous or difficult to digest, something that we have “eaten” is real or symbolic.
The digestive system reacts with the best solution for that “mouthful”.
I am experiencing a feeling of visceral fear, terror and anguish in relation to something that I have swallowed and not digested.

I have suffered an indigestible situation before, during or just after the meal that has produced disgust, anger, visceral fear, terror or anguish.

I feel that I cannot digest this situation, I have eaten dirty, heavy, annoying comments.
It can also occur when I rebel internally against something or someone that I had previously accepted, but I regret it and I have no choice but to vomit.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Who or what is indigestible to me?
I am aware of the anguish, of the fear, but I do not allow them to dominate me.
For this I accept and observe everything without prejudice, to integrate them into my consciousness.
I learn to face conflicts consciously.

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