TONSILS, emotional and spiritual meaning


They are like the sentries who watch at the gates of the throat; they are part of the lymphatic system and, therefore, are organs of defense for the organism, of control of what enters, to determine if what enters is good or bad for us (here the notion of “mouthful” is included, which can be real or symbolic).
The sense of making more amygdala responds to the need to better protect myself from the “toxic morsels” that enter my mouth.
Likewise, it can also be to retain a “good” bite in my mouth so as not to lose it.
The emotional conflict linked to the tonsils, like that of all cells in the lymphatic system, tells me about feeling worthless and distressed.

If I have discomfort, it warns me that I am living a situation in which I am afraid of not being able to catch or swallow an appetizing bite or not being able to achieve a goal, etc. 

Understanding as “mouthful” something that I am sure i am going to get (house, car, land, etc.) and, they take it away from me at the last minute.
It must be taken into account that it does not only refer to the material plane, it can also be a symbolic “mouthful” that he believed he had trapped, such as: a trip, a promotion, a prize, an excursion, salary increase, etc. 
For example, a man works overtime at his work to go on vacation with his family, although he is not sure if he will get enough money to carry it out.
“I hope to get it but it may escape me”, “I block the mouthful in the throat so that it is not taken away”, “I want to get something and I cannot”, “I cannot swallow a mouthful”, “I have swallowed a mouthful that does not it suits me”, “ I don’t catch the affective bite”
In babies, it reflects their anguish about not being able to catch milk, mother, and safety: “My mother escapes me, I can’t catch her”

In children: it can be related to the effort they make at school or at home, getting good grades or having a good behavior to catch the affection of their parents but they still do not succeed.

If affects adolescents:: manifests the impotence for not being able to catch the love of their parents, a friend or a partner. “I would like to go out with M… but she likes J… I can’t catch her”
When it affects adults:: it can be linked to my fear, my anger, my emotions and repressed creativity, because they do not allow me to be “myself”. “I can’t get my” affectionate mouthful”
Right tonsil: it tells me that there are words that I want to say and I can’t because, at the last moment, I swallow them. He also tells me that I have the desire to catch something but do not take the necessary actions to get it.
Left tonsil: It indicates that I have said something that I did not want to say and I regret that I did. Or, perhaps, I have swallowed a toxic bite (real or symbolic) and want to “spit” it.
“I already had it and at the last minute they took it from me”, “I can’t swallow a piece”, “I have swallowed something that doesn’t suit me”
Similarly, inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) expresses my anger and frustration caused by something that is happening to me that I refuse to swallow. What situation or person can’t I “swallow” right now? 
Most of the time it is related to a member of the family or work environment.
I must learn to defend myself, to affirm myself in what I am and to fight for what I want.

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