CORNEA, emotional and spiritual meaning

The cornea and conjunctiva are two essential layers for vision and eye protection. The cornea is a transparent converging lens that refracts light.
The conjunctiva on the other hand, protects and lubricates the surface of the eyelid and the eye.
What biological meaning does this symptom have?

They are the first two layers of the eye where the light hits, or we could say, where the image makes contact with the eye.

When we do not see what is vital (separation), an ulceration of the membranes occurs to allow more light to pass through and thus be able to see it.
In the repair phase, inflammation can occur to recover the ulcerated tissue.
When I have problems they tell me that I have experienced a serious visual separation conflict;
I have lost someone from sight.
Lens: it speaks of a “severe” visual separation.
Cornea: “moderate” visual separation conflict.
Upper::related to life and spirituality.
Middle cornea: it is a conflict of sympathy, antipathy.
Lower:: it tells me about problems related to matter.

Corneal ulcer: indicates that I have stopped seeing someone and causes me stress.

Conjunctiva: warns me about a “slight” separation.
Keratitis: (inflammation of the cornea) is about the healing process of a visual separation. “I have lost eye contact with my precious girlfriend.”
It also tells me that I feel angry about seeing someone that I don’t feel like seeing, but I can’t help it.
“I am forced all day to see…”,  “I am very upset, I have anger for something I saw”,
“I want to hit the first one who gets in front of me”,
Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis: expresses my anger towards a reality that hurts and makes me dirty.
Keratoconus: Alteration of the curvature of the cornea, which takes a conical shape.

If I present this symptom in one or both eyes, it necessarily means that I have lived through a conflict in which I have wanted or have really achieved that the people around me do not see what is inside me.

I do not want them to see that I am weak, lazy, vulnerable, kind, tough, etc., and I try not to be seen that way and I live pretending to be who I am, because I am afraid of being rejected.
“It should not be seen from the outside, what is inside me”, “Nobody protects me from what I see”

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