RETINA, emotional and spiritual meaning

The retina is the layer of light-sensitive tissue on the inner back of the eye and acts like the film in a camera: images pass through the lens of the eye and are focused on the retina. 
The retina then converts these images into electrical signals and sends them through the optic nerve to the brain.
The retina is normally red in color due to its abundant blood supply.

The retina has the function of seeing, examining or scrutinizing in case of perceiving a danger; the first reaction will be to avoid such vision.

Most of the time, the problems that arise are as a result of visual fixations that have been saved in a moment of horror.
Retinal detachment: occurs after a visual situation of intense, penetrating stress.
Example: if I see a child being run over before my eyes, I protect my eyesight.
As the task of the retina is to print, it means that I do not want to print what I have seen in me or outside of me that I find terrifying. “I have seen something horrible”
A young child who does not have this protection mechanism remains fascinated by the horrible things that he sees.
When he is impressed, the child prints that image on his retina.
Later, with all his stress focused on his vision, he will suffer a retinal detachment.

It can also show me that I am afraid of something or someone coming from behind.

What can fall on me?
“They attack me, the danger comes from behind”
Macular retinopathy: This is the alteration of the capillaries of the macula (central area of ​​the retina).
The meaning of this condition is to avoid the vision of something horrible that scares me (retina), and is found above all in the details (macula).
He expresses to me that I am living a situation of visual separation, possibly related to a dirty environment due to the death of a relative.

I am very sorry because I stop seeing a very dear person or something special, irreversibly, permanently.

For right-handed people (backwards for left-handed people):
Left eye: “I do not like the image I give”
Right eye: “I don’t like the image I give to others”
Pigmentary retinitis: Too much pigment in the retina.
Melanin accumulates in the back of the eye.
The eye cannot adapt to darkness and the visual field decreases over time. Therefore, I no longer see the light.
This disease will develop if I am ashamed of myself, of who I am, both physically and intellectually.
I prefer that others turn their gaze elsewhere, but not on me, because I don’t want them to see my imperfection.

It is the visual equivalent of melanoma: vision of horror, vision ugly, unpleasant, that dirties me or stains me.

“I have seen my father/ mother with another”
Diabetic retinopathy: It tells me that I am feeling disgusted by what I see and I am reluctant to see it.
I don’t want to see dirty things even in paint (without the sweetness).
Concussion of the retina: it expresses to me that I refuse to see what I have in front of my sight because I have difficulty in changing my vision of things.
It is essential to consciously face those images that cause us the horror and integrate them, instead of wanting to hide or deny them.
Through acceptance and integration, we will receive the fruit of the teaching that these experiences had in store for us.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am experiencing posterior vitreous detachment. Can you speak more about that?

  2. Joman Romero

    Hi, this is a visual separation conflict. I suggest you reflect on what was described in the post about Retina. Regards.

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