ANUS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the terminal orifice of the digestive tract, also on the psychological plane, it represents the culmination about an idea, of a relationship or the termination of any process; through the anus we release everything that no longer serves us, what is left over or can be toxic.
Also, and above all, it is the most sensitive part on which we rest (on which we sit), and where most of its conflicts come from.
Generally, all the affections in the anus are related to the affective life, for that reason we will have to review the sentimental life, love of the person.

On a biological level, we know, for example, that the first thing animals do when they meet is smell their anus. 

This is not by chance, since with this act the animals know the identity of the other, their sex, hormonal status, etc. “I don’t know who I am, I don’t know what identity I have”
On the other hand, it is known that feces are a form of territory marking in the animal kingdom (be careful that I defecate in this territory), and for humans unconsciously it is also. “This is my place, where I sit”
If I present any symptoms in the anus, it means that I have lived or is living a separation conflict linked to my identity or to the place that I occupy in my territory.
“I can’t find my place”,
“I feel unable to find my place”, “I don’t know what place I occupy in my family, partner, home, work, etc., and that generates great insecurity in me”, “I don’t know who I am or what identity I have”
Where is my place, where do I put my ass? “I have not found my place, I do not know what place belongs to me”,
“They do not give me the place that corresponds to me. I’ve lost my place”,
“I feel isolated, I can’t find my place”“I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know which way to decide”,

On the other hand, the discomfort in the anus also tells me that I feel guilty because I want to end something, a relationship, a job or anything else, but I do not finish doing it, I do not find a good way out and I prefer to “sit” in him, to ignore him, despite the pain he causes me.

Likewise, it can indicate to me that I am very angry because I have many responsibilities or obligations, too many things to manage and I want to get rid of all that, but I do not know how to free myself and I am very stressed.
“I can’t bear to do this anymore”
In the same way, I can have problems in the anus when I have anger and guilt towards myself because I admit that I have not behaved well, honestly, that I have not been “clean” in my way of acting.
Anal or rectal prolapse: it is the protrusion of the rectum that comes out through the anus and its mucosa can be seen.
It shows me the need I have to eliminate a toxic moutful, a dirty thing that has been done to me and that I want to take it out for everyone to see.

He also talks to me about a situation of separation or loss related to a territory (real or symbolic) or, perhaps, he refers to a lack of identity, or the place that I occupy in that territory.

“It is impossible to find my place in this family and this makes me feel angry”,
“I have the feeling that I have been“ expelled ”from my territory, home, work, team, etc.”,
“I have been rejected and I feel angry at not being able to affirm my identity”,
“I am unable to find my site”
Acute pains: when it comes to acute pain in the anus, she informs me that I have experienced a very strong break with someone and I reject any type of contact with her.
Anal itching: This symptom tells me that I am clinging to unpleasant and painful events in the past and therefore find it difficult to “let go”,
“I am not able to let go and forgive”
The itch also warns me that I am separated from my own identity, possibly due to “dirty things” that I do to myself.
“I don’t accept myself”,
“I feel separated from my poop, from my identity, from myself, in an unfair way”
Anal abscess: The pus collects the bad or harmful accumulated in an area of our body to be able to expel it.
It’s always about anger or rage built up over a situation that I can’t let go of or let go of.

It is possible that he is angry with me because I do not want to “evacuate”, give in to something or someone.

I may even want to take revenge on someone who disgust me, frustrates me, and irritates me and whom I refuse to forgive.
Cancer in the anus: it is a very intense conflict that I have lived in which I feel that I have lost or separated from my identity, from myself or, perhaps, I perceive that I am not recognized, that they do not give me my place .
For example, if my father does not want to recognize me as his son.
Hemorrhoids in pregnant women: in her new role, the mother needs to adapt her life to the experience she is living and that causes her a lot of stress.
What will my place be now that my son/daughter comes into the world?
What will my identity be?
Will I still be my husband’s wife or my child’s mother?

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