FIBROMYALGIA, emotional and spiritual meaning


What is fibromyalgia for, what biological sense does it have?

The pain prevents me from taking action and, unconsciously, it serves as an excuse for me to do nothing, because all the things I did did not have their recognition.

It can develop after a conflict of devaluation, guilt and impotence for not being able to intervene in the face of an injustice.

Have you been blamed for something unfairly or have someone in your family been blamed for something they didn’t do and you couldn’t do anything about it? “I want to help my parents but I find it impossible to do so”

Would you like to be somewhere other than where you are, and yet you feel compelled to stay where you are?

“I feel trapped as if I were in a network and with a great helplessness of not being able to change this situation that I have to live, feeling incapable of not being able to reach an expected performance and this makes me feel devalued.

It is like if I were forced to stay here, because I have no chance to do something different”

“I can’t separate myself, I can’t find a way out at work, everything in my life is claustrophobic”, “I can’t move, I don’t have the freedom to choose”

People with fibromyalgia are blocked in understanding family relationships.

On the one hand, they like to live with the family and be part of it, feel loved and understood, and on the other hand, they feel that the family obliges or prevents them from living their lives.

They feel that it is up to them, that they must explain themselves, ask their permission, share everything with them, etc.

Even, sometimes, they may feel “obliged” to someone in the family who hurts them or who has hurt them.

This is called a double obligation conflict: “I find myself in a double family commitment”,

“I owe fidelity to my family, but this bothers me”, “I go to the person I love but at the same time he is my executioner”,

“I want to speak for myself but I don’t give myself the right, the family thinks differently”, “I love this family member, but this family member hurts me, but I feel powerless”, “I must take care of… being with… .live with….”

Other conflicts that can lead to fibromyalgia:

Conflict related to a direction I should take:: It affects the adrenal glands, which stops producing cortisol to help me overcome the stress caused by being lost. It produces tiredness and fatigue:

The person feels lost in what he does or should do. “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to go”

Live in stress for having chosen the wrong direction, for being on a bad track, be it real, imaginary or symbolic.

“The direction I’m taking in my life doesn’t satisfy me.” What am I doing here? “I am lost, out of the herd, so… when someone is lost it is best to stay still”, “If I move to one side, I am not well; if I move towards the other, I’m not okay either, therefore I don’t move.”

Emotional conflict of devaluation and lack of self-confidence: “Anything I do is wrong or will go wrong”, “I can’t handle this, it’s too much for me”, “I don’t know how to say no”. “I don’t know how to set limits to others”. “I am afraid of being wrong”.

Fear of death: but not physical death, but the death of his own “identity”.

“I feel like I’m dying, my family doesn’t support me, I don’t belong to my family.”

Emotional conflict related to some infidelity. The woman remains powerless and strongly devalued in the face of her husband’s (love) deceit.

“I feel useless in the face of this disloyalty that I have experienced”,

“My partner has cheated on me because I am worthless, because he does not like me”

What can I do to get him to come back to me?

Likewise, fibromyalgia could have been the consequence of having experienced a traumatic experience of abuse or rape in childhood or adolescence from which they could not escape and remained immobile.

Sometimes the origin can be found in programs inherited from ancestors.

There has been the death of a child due to unknown causes and the mother does not understand or accept, for which reason the duel remains blocked.

There may also have been stories of incest with pregnancy, abuse or rape in which the victims remained motionless, unable to do anything.

Due to the confinement of the father in jail and the family is destroyed.

Some member of the family is left paralyzed or dies as a result of a real fall (falling from a high place possibly where there was liquid) or symbolic (the fall of a job, a business, etc.).

There has been a divorce or separation and one of the parties can no longer see her children.

If it only affects specific parts of the body, it is necessary to take into account the biological meaning of that area.

Those affected by fibromyalgia are excessively helpful and responsible people.

The problem is that in their eagerness to serve others (family), they hurt themselves.

They are people who do favour even if no one thanks them, and they are able to stop living their lives to attend to other members.

In addition, being so aware of the rest leads her to have people around her who ask for her, demand her and when they don’t need her, they push her away.

Even though they are the ones who do most of the housework, they are belittled, criticized, etc.

They are people who will not accept the solutions offered to them, for them the obligations are greater than their own lives.

What are the emotions that cause you pain and repress?

Essentially disloyalty causes him a lot of pain.

She also suffers a lot from the lack of contact or from not being able to frequently see people who are important to her.

He feels very angry when they don’t give him his place.

It bothers her to be a helpful person and to be taken advantage of.

He is tormented by the feeling of feeling useless and being unable to see himself and value himself.

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  1. Unknown

    Again, darling Joman, amazingly correct. I notice in my practice that people with fybromyalgia think (like the whole western society and the New Age movement) that you always need to be kind and warm and loving. THese people are made to be cold/distantial, goal oriented and taking responsibility for success (!) and be a grown up. So, yeah, cut family contact. They serve the world with those qualities. Interesting.
    Thank you again so much,

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I have had fibromyalgia for a year and a half and this is absolutely the closest description of my emotional issues.

  3. Jennifer

    A very useful post and exactly what I’m working through too.